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What Is TrueLook?

What We Deliver

TrueLook is a construction project management service. Customers mount our camera hardware on their jobsite, then log in to our camera interface from any device. With TrueLook, our customers can:

  • Remotely view live images and video from their jobsite
  • Time-lapse their projects, creating beautiful videos of their work
  • Watch HD security recordings to catch thieves or investigate incidents
  • Revisit any past date and time from their project
  • Justify weather delays, monitor workers or subcontractors, check on deliveries
  • Save images to photo albums with notes
  • Share images and project updates directly with team members
  • And much more…

Using TrueLook remotely for live jobsite viewing

TrueLook webcam service

How It Works

TrueLook uses specialized network cameras (IP cameras), which directly connect to the TrueLook service over the internet. TrueLook then acts as the intermediary between the cameras and users. This lets TrueLook add powerful functionality such as camera controls, time-lapsing, presets, weather widgets, sharing tools, image saving, and more. TrueLook also allows the camera to serve an unlimited number of simultaneous users, with no queueing, by intelligently handing user requests. Our cloud service also hosts all camera data such as photo albums and time-lapse videos.

Company History

TrueLook began in 1995 as a pioneer in IP camera technology, called Perceptual Robotics, Inc. at the time. The company invented the first PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) webcam, which was renamed “TrueLook” in 1998. Over the past 18 years, TrueLook has delivered more than 2.2 billion images to over 100 million users. TrueLook has also deployed cameras on every continent of the globe – including the NASA camera on the South Pole.

TrueLook has been used to webcast major media events, including: The NBA Finals, MLB World Series, Wimbledon, US Open, The Masters, US Presidential Inauguration, Canes Film Festival, Grammys, Chicago and Detroit Auto Shows, and many more.

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