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Project Time-Lapsing

Unlimited, Custom Time-Lapsing & Image History

Construction Time-Lapses

Time-lapsing is one of the most popular tools for documenting a build and recording how a project progressed. For a professional time-lapse production, TrueLook webcams are possibly the most reliable and cost-effective option on the market.

Simple & Flexible

Easily schedule as many custom time-lapses as you want for your project. The camera will take pictures on your schedule and automatically generate time-lapse videos for you. Watch or download your time-lapses at any time, even mid-project.

With our PTZ cameras, you can even have multiple simultaneous time-lapses running from different views. You could theoretically time-lapse a parking lot, an eastern structure, a western structure, and your jobsite trailer all from one camera.

The Image Calendar

Travel Back In Time

TrueLook’s Image Calendar lets your browse your time-lapse images by specific date and time. You can effectively travel back in time to any point in your project.

With TrueLook, you have complete photo documentation of your entire project. We even log historical weather information to catalog jobsite conditions at any time. Never wonder when the subcontractor was on site, the effect of weather delays, or when your materials arrived.

Compare Images, Track Progress

You can also review your project’s progress by day, week, or month. For example, switch to “Monthly” mode, and the Image Calendar will display one image per month. This would let you quickly compare images to see how your jobsite changed month-to-month.


Unlimited, Secure Cloud Storage

Unlike some other services, TrueLook gives you unlimited server space for your media. You don’t have to worry about swapping out memory cards on your camera. All your time-lapse data is stored in the cloud. No matter how long your project runs or how many time-lapses you schedule, there are no data caps or hidden fees.

If something happens to your DIY camera, you will lose months or years of images. TrueLook’s servers aren’t going anywhere. Plus, we (of course) have backup systems in place should a server have issues. We take care of your data behind the scenes. You never need to wonder whether your data will be there tomorrow.

Free-Forever Hosting

Export your time-lapse images and videos from the TrueLook web interface anytime. We will never delete them and your log in will never expire – even if you’re no longer a customer. Never worry about misplaced discs or drives again – your media is always available over the cloud with TrueLook.

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