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Photo sharing at your destination is paramount to success. 52% of travelers use social networks to discover travel destinations, and 62% rely on friends and family for inspiration. TrueLook webcams make it easy for you AND your fans to share engaging photos with their connections!

Resort and Destination Webcams

TrueLook resort cameras are used world wide to increase exposure to resort properties and travel destinations.

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TrueLook Webcam Resort Benefits

  • Unlimited # of viewers can simultaneously control the camera
  • Capture viewers contact information including email for marketing campaigns
  • Increase traffic to your website and KEEP viewers engaged
  • Allow viewers to share images via Facebook and email
  • Share images or video or sponsor upcoming events
  • Create excitement about your resort via the web
  • Create time-lapses or schedule when the camera takes photos
  • Set up “preset views” to highlight areas of interest
  • Create zoom restrictions and forbidden zones to restrict the camera and protect your guests’ privacy

Choose between megapixel fixed cameras and ptz cameras. TrueLook shares pan/tilt/zoom control across a web audience so multiple users can simultaneously explore your destination.

Give Viewers Control

  • Web users can tour the resort live
  • Enable users to zoom in with 18x optical zoom on the vistas
  • TrueLook gives shared pan/tilt/zoom control to all web users, so there is no waiting in a queue for your turn

Increase Revenue for Your Resort

  • TrueLook can generate thousands of web visitors per month for your beach resort
  • Differentiate your site from the competitors
  • TrueLook will keep web users engaged and on your site longer that other media

Santa Catalina Island

Santa Catalina AM Resorts USS Midway Santa Catalina Island

Beach Webcams

TrueLook live beach cameras give users an incredible view of the surf and beach destinations!

  • Give web visitors a live view of your beach with TrueLook streaming and snapshots service
  • Check the beach sand conditions, the current weather conditions
  • See how crowded the beach is at any time
  • Show off how great the beach resort is to potential visitors

Museums and Travel

Destinations like NASA’s Hubble Project, Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo and Adler Planetarium, and Orlando Seaworld’s Shark Encounter give eager minds views of places they may not have a chance to visit in person.

Hotels and Casinos

Popular resorts like the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas have served millions of images to hundreds and thousands of users around the world who can all control IP web cams installed throughout the property at the same time.

Ski Resort Webcams

The TrueLook Ski Resort Package with 18x optical zoom and HD live images makes it easy to put your resort online and give your visitors an unparalleled web experience. Promote your resort and generate ad revenue for your site with TrueLook.

The ski resort webcam package works in extreme cold weather (-40 F) over cellular networks. The ruggedized TrueLook package is shipped plug and play so you can install it yourself.

  • Check the powder conditions, the current weather conditions
  • Show off the resort to visitors
  • See how crowded the slopes are at any point in time

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