Live Event And
Trade Show Marketing

  • Reach new audiences on the web
  • Boost your traffic, returning visitors, and time on-site
  • Engage web visitors and attendees with interactive features
  • Grow your email database with viewer registration (optional)
  • Crowdsource your social media marketing with built-in sharing

Trade Show Webcams


Use live webcams to give your web traffic a taste of what they are missing! Webcams can bring your show floor to the World Wide Web, drawing new audiences and industry enthusiasts alike. Generate discussion and excitement over your event, and encourage organic sharing across the web.

TrueLook webcams make it easy to share live images or video from your event, with interactive features to keep users engaged and returning. Exploring a live webcam creates a unique and memorable experience unlike any other web media.

Webcams provide extra value for your exhibitors and sponsors, as they reach web audiences in addition to foot traffic. Your exhibitors’ management, as well as potential exhibitors, can see the live crowds and visualize the value of attending. TrueLook can also overlay your logo (or a sponsor’s) onto the webcam interface for added branding.

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Increase Web Engagement

TrueLook’s webcam interface is incredibly easy to embed on your website, and can even be accessed via mobile app. Built-in sharing features make it easy for users to share with friends and colleagues. TrueLook’s interactive webcams put the viewer in control, letting unlimited users simultaneously aim and zoom around your show floor. This engages each user with a unique experience, and has been proven to increase returning web traffic and time-on-site.

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Chicago Auto ShowChicago Auto ShowChicago Auto ShowChicago Auto Show

Event Marketing

Increase your web traffic and engage visitors with an interactive webcam experience. Give fans a fun and easy way to view and share images from your events. TrueLook is easy to install, and simple to embed in your webpage. Share the camera publicly to generate buzz and increase attendees. Or ask users to register before viewing the webcam, and collect a targeted contact list.

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