TrueLook Tips and Tricks: Position and Mount Your Cameras for Maximum Visibility

Installing cameras on your jobsite? It’s critical to give careful consideration to where and how you’ll mount your cameras. Think about the camera’s field of view and what types of visuals you want to capture with it, for example, time lapses, still or panoramic photos, or  live streaming video. Depending on the application for your visuals, different mounting locations might be preferable.

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And speaking of mounting, make sure your vendor provides the appropriate options for your desired locations.  Cameras are typically mounted on a wall, pole or roof, but some cameras offer the option of corner-mounting, which may make more sense for your jobsite. Be sure your vendor includes the mounting hardware with your camera, or you may end up spending more than you planned.

When you get the camera to the jobsite and then mounted in the preferred location, don’t forget to take a look at the live camera before you leave. Hey – you’re already on site, probably on a ladder or in a bucket truck – might as well make sure it’s angled just right, right?

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