The Easiest Way to View, Secure, and Document Your Jobsites

Keep your construction projects on track, without the added hassle.

Live viewing makes video streaming of your properties easy. Users may log in remotely on any device with any screen size to follow up on tenant reports, check in on vendor deliveries, coordinate maintenance, verify subcontractor work and more.

With TrueLook’s unlimited free-forever media storage , there are no limits on the number of custom time-lapse videos you can create. You can easily travel back in time to view any property or development project.

Each TrueLook camera records 24/7 with 30 days rolling storage. All downloaded recordings are saved indefinitely so that users may come back to them at any point in the future.

Security recordings are extremely valuable, not just to provide to law enforcement during instances of vandalism or theft, but also for reviewing subcontractor work, verifying deliveries, monitoring adherence to jobsite policies, safety reviews, training and more.

No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

Free Forever Media Storage Unlimited Users Unlimited 4G LTE Unlimited Media Unlimited USA Support

A Camera for Every Jobsite

With a wide range of construction camera solutions, you’ll find a camera that perfectly fits every type of jobsite.


Wide Field-of-view
Higher Resolution Images
One Position = Increased Security

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Robotic PTZ

Up to 32x Optical Zoom
Panoramic Time-lapse Video
360° Remote Viewing of Jobsite

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Lighter and Easier to Move
Wide Field-of-view
Connect via Cellular or Power-over-Ethernet

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Mobile Camera Trailers

Solar Powered
Lightweight & Easy to move
Extreme platform stability

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New! Strobes and Sirens

A Total Jobsite Security Solution

Scare off intruders before they can do damage with TrueLook’s Strobes and Sirens. These add-on audiovisual deterrents work with Jobsite Surveillance to deploy bright, flashing lights and booming sirens when threats have been verified.

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No Power? No Pole?
No problem.

For jobsites that do not have power readily available, we offer solar-powered camera packages with a multi-day battery backup to ensure that your cameras will function every day in any location.

Instant, Intelligent Motion Alert Notifications

Experience unparalleled security with our advanced customizable Intelligent Motion Security Alerts. Rest easy knowing that our cutting-edge technology enables your camera to accurately distinguish between human activity and other objects or animals present on your jobsite, providing you with peace of mind.

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Images Taken by TrueLook Cameras

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“We selected TrueLook Construction Cameras as our vendor of choice because of the unparalleled level of customer service we received after working on our first few projects with them. Whether it’s ordering a new camera or getting a current camera up and running on a new project, the process is seamless.

Victoria Pearson

CA/PA Manager,
Alston Construction