International Construction Cameras

Plug-and-play cameras for jobsites outside of North America

TrueLook Camera User

The Same Powerful Features

Our international cameras provide all the same TrueLook services to our customers around the globe. View your live jobsite, create custom time-lapses, and record 24/7 security video, and more.

The cameras are plug-and-play. Just connect to your ethernet and the camera will come online, ready to use. The cameras are able to power themselves using PoE (power-over-ethernet), allowing them to be easily setup anywhere.

Large, Crisp Images

TrueLook presents your live camera in a large, easy-to-see format.

TrueLook web app

Multi-Project Dashboard

Quickly see the status of all your projects, and jump to any camera.

TrueLook web app multi-camera dashboard

Construction Camera Features

Live Viewing

View your jobsite from any internet connected device. Always be aware of your site conditions. Share your project’s progress with investors, customers, and other interested parties.

Unlimited, Custom Time-Lapsing

Set up construction time-lapses for any interval and duration. Run multiple simultaneous time-lapses for different areas of your jobsite. Watch time-lapses anytime, even mid-project. Easily jump to any historical date within your time-lapse.

24/7 Security Recording

Security video recording captures any activity on your jobsite in HD 720p. Watch or download your HD security videos by specific date and time.

Live Streaming Video

Watch live streaming video from your camera and see your jobsite in action. TrueLook’s multi-cast streaming is included standard – an industry exclusive! This provides smooth streaming video to any number of simultaneous viewers.

4K Ultra-HD

Our international cameras provide 4K Ultra-HD resolution. That’s 4x higher than HD 1080p, giving you a detailed view of your projects.

Share On Your Website

Optionally, you may embed a specially designed version of our interface on your own website. Promote your project to the world by sharing a live view, time-lapse videos, photo albums, and more.

Any Screen Size

TrueLook’s camera interface works just like any other website. Access your camera easily from your smartphone, tablet, or computer – it just works.

Sharing Tools

Images can be saved or shared quickly and easily. Send emails to team members or post image updates to social media. Markup tools can be used to draw or add notes directly to your image.

Photo Albums & Notes

Save images from your webcam to a hosted TrueLook photo album. Add comments and notes, then view your photo album anytime. Or upload photos from on-the-ground, directly from your mobile device to a TrueLook photo album.

Live Weather & Map

Get live weather conditions from your construction site and view historical weather data from throughout your project. Easily justify weather delays. Share project info, links, and an interactive map of your project.

Admin Tools

As camera owner, you can set the privacy level of your camera. Create or delete user logins for your team members. Generate or revoke direct links to your camera to easily share your project with groups. Schedule automated emails with project updates and camera images.

Viewer Analytics

Check analytics of your camera usage. If sharing your camera, you can see exactly how active your camera has been each day. Complete with visual graphs.