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Engage Your Audience

Increase web traffic. Highlight areas of interest. Easily share with your friends.

TrueLook is a popular interactive marketing tool for many resorts, sporting events, trade shows, and more. Your TrueLook cameras can easily be shared on your website to provide a uniquely engaging experience for your web traffic. Easy sharing features encourage users to share the view with their friends and family. Increase web traffic, returning visits, and time-on-site with a live interactive webcam.

Marketing Webcam Benefits

  • Unlimited number of viewers can simultaneously view and control the camera
  • Easily embeds anywhere on your existing website
  • Set up “preset views” to highlight areas of interest
  • Increase traffic to your website and keep viewers engaged
  • Allow viewers to share images via Facebook and email
  • Optional: Create time-lapses at your location or event
  • Optional: Capture viewers contact information including email for marketing campaigns
Resort Website

"Our web site traffic has exploded since we added TrueLook. Many of our guests choose to stay here after visiting us online. Seeing is believing!"

Warwick Stone / Sr. Creative Director
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

"The TrueLook cameras have been extremely successful. Everyone loves them. We receive comments from people all over the world who want to see what is going on at the world’s biggest auto show."

Paul Brian / Director of Communications
Chicago Auto Trade Association

"Plugged in the camera for the first time, and just like you said…it’s up and running. So easy to use."

Brian Lewis / Managing Director of Tournaments

Resort Marketing

Photo sharing at your destination is paramount to success. 52% of travelers use social networks to discover travel destinations, and 62% rely on friends and family for inspiration. TrueLook webcams make it easy for you AND your fans to share engaging photos with their connections. TrueLook resort cameras are used worldwide to increase exposure to resort properties and travel destinations.

Trade Shows

TrueLook’s PTZ cameras are a popular choice for some of the world’s largest trade shows. PTZ cameras let an unlimited number of simultaneous users view and control the cameras. Without waiting in a queue, viewers can aim and zoom the cameras without interfering with one another. TrueLook’s service can intelligently handle all user requests simultaneously.

Trade shows provide great opportunities for interactive webcams. Vendors are able to reach a much larger audience over the web. Future attendees and vendors are able to see what they’re missing.

Sporting Events

TrueLook has broadcast live images or video from some of the country’s largest sporting events. Our cameras have been at NBA, MLB, NFL, PGA, and NHL games. TrueLook cameras are even found at the world’s largest participatory sport – the United States Bowling Congress Open Tournament – which attracts up to 90,000 participants each year.

Concerts and Other Live Events

TrueLook is also used for many other live events, from stadium concerts to NASA shuttle launches the Grammy Awards. Our service offers an unbeatable combination of ease-of-use, sharing features, and the ability to quickly adapt to fit your webpage. If you’re looking to go beyond web images into an interactive user experience, give us a call today.