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Gallery Furniture

“We’ve attributed a 20% increase in overall revenues to TrueLook. It is absolutely essential to our web strategy.” – Walt Dunnigan, Gallery Furniture


Gallery Furniture, a furniture superstore located in Houston, TX, has a showroom of over 100,000 square feet containing everything from recliners to brand name electronics.



Gallery Furniture is one of the most successful furniture stores in the world. Their goal is to increase the number of sales and customers year over year while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Inventory churns 70 times a year vs. four or five times a year for most furniture stores so keeping a catalog system up-to-date was deemed more trouble than it is worth.


From the Gallery Furniture website, users can view the over 30 webcams, located throughout the store, to locate the furniture that they are looking for. By zooming the camera in, users can find out the price, stock number of the item and then call into the store to place their order. By installing TrueLook cameras around the showroom, if you can see it you can buy it. Management at Gallery Furniture can also monitor the cameras at any time remotely, without even coming into the store.


In 2006, Gallery Furniture had over 266,145 unique users view the webcams. This led to over nine million images served to the customers. Users are able to view the webcams 24 hours a day allowing for shopping any time the mood strikes. They attributed a 20% increase in overall revenues to TrueLook. Gallery Furniture owners also have the capability to monitor the store activities and make sure customers are being assisted.