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SUNY Construction Fund


The SUNY Construction Fund is dedicated to the singular mission of serving the State University of New York. Although key words in the 1962 legislative charge to the Fund are “construction, rehabilitation and improvement of facilities”, today the Fund’s challenge focuses on planning and investment for renewal of SUNY capital facilities. In addition to design and construction of both new and rehabilitated academic facilities, the Fund’s service to the University also includes preparation and development of SUNY’s Master Capital Construction Plan, assistance with development and maintenance of energy consumption/conservation and repair and rehabilitation programs


The SUNY Construction Fund started searching online for a fully integrated camera and software package to showcase its various construction projects. They needed a flexible software package where they could control the viewing area of the camera. They also were looking for a system where multiple users could control the camera at any one time, no waiting in a queue to take control.


With Truelook, the SUNY Construction Fund was able to install a software system that allowed them to limit the zoom and viewable area. And anyone with access to the web was able to control the camera, and look where they wanted to view the ongoing construction project.

TrueLook Case Study


With Truelook, the SUNY Construction Fund is able to show the public where the program is going and how the projects are progressing.