5 Reasons to Try Solar Powered Construction Cameras

construction camera and solar panel mounted on a pole in a forrest

Construction cameras offer many benefits to construction firms — reducing risk, increasing security, improving collaboration, cutting travel cost and helping to eliminate project delays, just to name a few. But on some construction sites, setting up a wired camera isn’t possible.

Construction on large areas of land such as parks or farms, or on busy ports or roads present connectivity challenges that can make providing power to remote cameras impossible or costly.

Enter the solar powered construction camera. Powered by the sun and packing battery backup power, these cameras go off the grid and can function anywhere, day in and day out — without wires. Using 4G LTE cellular service, they transmit video footage and stills back to construction headquarters, providing all the benefits of wired construction cameras, without the physical limitations.

Solar-powered cameras provide five key benefits to firms in need of a wireless surveillance system on their job sites:

1) No Grid Necessary

This is by far the biggest and most distinctive benefit of solar-powered equipment. Solar powered cameras run on sunlight, which is stored in battery packs for use during the night or on cloudy days. You don’t need to rely on an electrical power source, and the cameras are never affected by power outages. They don’t require access to outdoor power lines, so they can be used in remote areas or other jobsites where a power source may not be readily available.

2) Lean and Green

Solar is a more environmentally friendly option, leaving no carbon footprint. Installing them requires minimal infrastructure, so the natural environment remains undisturbed and intact. Plus, you may earn tax credits. Solutions such as TrueLook solar-powered cameras are eligible for a 30% Federal energy tax credit (ITC).

3) Untethered Installation
Because they don’t require cables or an electrical power source to operate, you can install them anywhere. They’re perfect for large plots of land, farms, parks, schools or remote locations — and because installation is so flexible, you can easily and cost-effectively optimize visibility of your site.

4) Cost-effective Operation
No additional infrastructure is necessary to deploy solar-powered cameras, and once installed, they need little monitoring and maintenance. In addition to the huge cost savings construction cameras offer, all cabling, trenching and electricity costs are eliminated.

5) 24-hour Surveillance
Solar-powered cameras soak up the sun during the day and store excess solar energy generated by the panels in battery backup systems, so they work electricity-free around the clock. You don’t need to worry about weather, either — that battery pack will keep the camera rolling despite the clouds.

Before you drag cables across your next job site, check out TrueLook’s solar-powered construction cameras and their long list of innovative features.

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