5 Tips to Increase Construction Productivity

The following is a guest post by construction industry blogger James White.

Construction companies are always looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. During busy periods, these companies need to finish one job and immediately move onto the next, as any delays that occur can significant affect their bottom line. It is estimated that construction workers are unproductive about 50 percent of the time while on a project, so company owners should take the necessary steps to ensure that the get the most out of their staff each and every day.

Trust Your Foreman

The first step towards improving the productivity of your company is to hire a supervisor that you can trust. If you leave the crew to keep itself in line, you are sure to end up with wasted time and a project that takes far too long to complete. The foreman is responsible for delegating jobs on the site, reporting to you when workers are not pulling their own weight and jumping in to help your workers when it becomes necessary. You should hire someone with experience in management, as this ensures that your foreman will have the ability to deal with people and will not tolerate your workers slacking off while on the jobsite.

Avoid Overtime

While you might think that extending overtime is a great way to get your job finished sooner, the opposite might actually be the case. Studies have shown that extended overtime can decrease worker productivity by tiring out your workers, increasing the likelihood of accidents, giving workers a reason to take a day off, and outpacing your support services. The need for overtime can be reduced by planning more thoroughly and providing adequate supervision throughout the project.

Install Cameras

Advances in technology have made it much easier to keep an eye on your staff at all times, as you can now install webcams around each jobsite and use them to monitor productivity. This gives you the chance to see how every member of your team is performing firsthand, so you can make the necessary decisions if you find that certain members are not pulling their weight. This is also a great tool for evaluating your supervisor, as you will have the chance to see how he or she handles your employees.

Proper Training

There is nothing worse than having workers that do not know what they are doing, so make sure that every employee is properly trained before leaving him or her alone at a job. While you might think that it is easier and less expensive to simply let other workers train your new staff member, the truth is that this strategy will actually cost you money in terms of hours lost. Your new workers should know how to use each piece of machinery and know what their roles are as soon as they arrive every day.

Plan Ahead

You never want to end up without the materials needed to complete a job, so have a plan that will get you through the entire project. If you do not have the right materials readily available every day, your employees will be left waiting for these materials to arrive. You should also make sure that you have enough staff working each day to handle the available materials, as failure to staff your jobsite can also lead to heavy delays.

Making sure that you’ve checked a few of these suggestions off your list will ensure that your task gets done as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

BIO: James White is a content specialist for a variety of construction companies, such as Cleveland Brothers, and blogs in his free time about his journey in building his own home at Homey Improvements. Follow him on Twitter @JGtheSavage.

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