Housing Construction To Become Automated, Custom Homes Built in 20 Hours?

Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis at the University of Southern California (USC) discusses a possible future for home construction. His TED talk dives into the realm of automated construction, where entire neighborhoods can be built cheaper, faster, and safer.

He points out that construction is one of the few places left where almost everything is built by hand. Even our cars have been built by machines for quite some time.

He also states that construction is the most dangerous job, killing 10,000 people in the US every year – with over 400,000 injuries per year.

He believes automated construction could produce houses in 20 hours, with less waste, and that each home could have a custom design (despite the houses all looking the same in his slideshow).

After watching the video, the benefits are obvious. But what about the effect on the workforce? Should we develop something that will put people out of work? Or is this for the greater good?

Is this type of automation even possible? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts.