New PTZ DVR Cameras Have 68% Higher Resolution

1080p PTZ Camera

TrueLook has upgraded our PTZ robotic camera hardware. The new cameras offer higher resolutions images and are able to utilize new TrueLook features. The cameras are full HD at 1080p resolution, and will completely replace the previous 720p models.

New Features

The new 1080p camera includes TrueLook’s security recording (DVR) feature. The camera records video 24/7 on a roughly 7-day loop.

The camera owner may designate an area for the camera to prioritize while recording video. When the camera is inactive (not being controlled by a user, nor taking a time-lapse photo) it will return to this preset. This will increase the chance that the video recording will capture important events at a certain location.

The new camera also allows TrueLook to generate even higher quality panoramic images – well past 50 megapixels in size.

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Allison Shaub

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