Add A Live Construction Camera View into Procore

TrueLook now has NEW, deeper integrations with Procore. Learn more at www.truelook.com/procore.

You can easily embed your TrueLook construction camera into your Procore homepage. When you log in to Procore, you will be able to see a live image from your jobsite. With one click, you can also jump directly into your TrueLook camera interface. Here is what you will see on your home tab:

To set this up, you will need “Admin” level permissions for both your Procore and TrueLook accounts.

Within TrueLook:

  1. Navigate to your admin settings area, and click the “Sharing Links” tab.
  2. If and only if there is no “Team Member” URL, click the “Generate” button to create one.
  3. Copy the “Team Member” URL – you will have to paste this into Procore.

Within Procore:

  1. Navigate to the project that you wish to add the camera to.
  2. From the toolbox dropdown, select Admin.
  3. In the right pane, under “Tool Configuration”, select Home.
  4. Click Project Home Settings in the table on the right.
  5.  Give your camera a title in the “Project home iFrame title” box.
  6. Paste your TrueLook camera’s direct URL into the “Project home iFrame URL” box.

Your home view in Procore will now show your live camera!