Tips & Tricks: Don’t miss out on Panoramic Time-Lapses with Your TrueLook PTZ Camera

panoramic time-lapses

Panoramic images can offer sweeping views of your jobsite, which are impressive in and of themselves. But did you know that you can capture a panoramic time-lapses with your TrueLook camera? 

Here’s how the camera captures panoramic images: The camera takes multiple photos of a selected area of your project, then stitches them together into one high-resolution panoramic image, covering a much larger area than a standard image. These panoramic images are then taken at regular intervals and used to create an impressive time-lapse. 

To set up your own panoramic time-lapse with your PTZ camera, select Media Manager from the menu, click the “NEW TIME LAPSE” button, select the “Panoramic” option, then follow the wizard to define the desired area and set the schedule. (Due to time and processing requirements, each camera is limited to one panoramic time-lapse per hour.)

Panoramic time-lapses are ideal for displaying on your website, or making your marketing outreach more impactful.

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