Tips & Tricks Edit: Pause or Remove a Time-lapse

If you’ve ever watched a TrueLook time-lapse, you know how captivating and impactful they can be! Construction projects of all sizes take time, and time-lapse photography captures those changes over time into a readily viewable form. TrueLook clients use them to keep key stakeholders informed about a project’s progress, to enhance sales presentations and to uplevel their websites and social posts with exciting, dynamic visual imagery. And, one of the best things about them is how easy they are to customize.

Did you know you can edit a TrueLook time-lapse after it’s started capturing images? Just navigate to your Media Manager and find the time-lapse you need to edit. Click on the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner, then select “Edit.”

Time-lapse running screen
Making adjustments to your time-lapse video

From there, you can change the name of your time-lapse, set up options such as when and how often photos are captured and adjust the start and end dates. If you want to temporarily stop images from being included in the video you can also pause a time-lapse from the same menu. To start it up again, click “Resume.”

Want to remove a time-lapse altogether? You can, but keep in mind this will remove all images from the system and any configured time-lapse movies that have been created from those images. Simply click “Remove” from the same menu and confirm your selection. 

removing a video

TrueLook time-lapses are a great way to enhance your marketing and sales outreach, keep local communities engaged with your projects, and let stakeholders know that things are progressing as planned. We make it easy to create multiple custom time-lapses, and with our unlimited cloud storage and free hosting service, you can access them at any time, even long after the project ends.

Read this blog post to learn more about great ways to leverage your TrueLook time-lapses. 

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Allison Shaub

Allison is TrueLook’s Chief Marketing Officer. In her role, she is responsible for developing strategic marketing and communications programs that generate awareness and drive deeper customer engagement. She has over a decade of experience helping brands build and scale their marketing efforts. Outside of business hours she enjoys spending time with her husband and two fur children.

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