Tips & Tricks: Using The Viewfinder On PTZ Cameras

Offering exceptionally high resolution images and remote control pan, tilt and zoom, TrueLook PTZ cameras are a great option if remote viewing is a key driver for installing cameras on your jobsite. TrueLook PTZ cameras capture the best 360˚ views with HD 1080p or Ultra HD 4K streaming video and provides total jobsite visibility. But how do you control what the camera lets you see? The viewfinder! 

The viewfinder is located in the bottom left corner of the “Live View” screen on any TrueLook PTZ camera. Since it’s minimized by default, you need to click on it to expand and open it. 

two camera views of Guilford college to monitor construction progress

Need a closer view? Once you’ve expanded the Viewfinder, you can zoom in on a specific area of a live image by moving the selection box around. Once you’ve selected the area you want to view, you can zoom in or out by dragging the dot on the vertical line to the right of the selection box. You can use the directional arrows on the four sides of the viewfinder to move the camera as well. 

Want to shift your view? Draw a completely new box in a different area of the image, then click the green “Apply” button. The “Home” button will return you to the saved preset view. If you don’t have a saved preset view, the camera will move back to its default location with zero zoom and zero pan. 

Keep in mind that the viewfinder only works while the camera is live. 

Not all PTZ cameras are equal. Read this blog post to learn the difference and avoid purchasing a subpar system.

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Allison Shaub

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