TrueLook Construction Cameras Introduce One-Step-Installation For Cellular Webcams

July 31, 2013 – Winston-Salem, NC –TrueLook’s cellular construction webcams now offer the easiest installation in the industry. Pull it out of the box, plug in the power cable, and the camera will be online. Once powered, the cameras can be viewed and controlled remotely from any device with TrueLook’s cloud-based software. These systems offer a quick, hassle-free installation that can easily be relocated as needed.

TrueLook’s cellular webcams provide customers with a truly turnkey camera system. No electricians or IT specialists are needed to setup or mount the camera – the camera system is ready to go right out of the box. “I plugged in the camera for the first time and just like you said, it’s up and running. I don’t think I’ve ever used a piece of technology that is so easy to use,” said Juan Nava of The Buzz Oates Group of Companies.

Construction and development professionals use TrueLook’s cameras to remotely monitor their jobsites and to create HD time-lapse videos of their projects. Most clients choose to use cellular connectivity, even though the webcams are able to connect to any wired internet access. In addition to their mobility benefits for site-to-site use, cellular webcams can also be used on the many jobsites without internet access. TrueLook partners with the nation’s largest 4G LTE network to ensure a wide net of coverage. For fully-wireless solutions, TrueLook even offers solar power options.

Clients access their live webcams, view their archived images, and watch time-lapse videos through TrueLook’s web interface. This is accessed through a secure URL or via TrueLook’s mobile app. TrueLook sends clients their login information so that they are ready to use their camera when it arrives. Other features within the webcam interface include live jobsite weather, image saving, photo sharing, camera presets, and powerful pan-tilt-zoom controls.

About TrueLook

TrueLook is the world’s premier professional webcam system, specializing in construction, hospitality, retail, sporting, expositions and live event webcams. TrueLook’s cloud-based software delivers powerful webcam interactivity and viewing controls to unlimited simultaneous users. Over the past 18 years, TrueLook has deployed webcams on every continent – including the NASA camera on the South Pole. This global network of IP-based cameras has captured over 2 billion media clips, delivering them to over 100 million users with a 99.99% service up-time. TrueLook has also been a pioneer in IP camera technology, having built the world’s first pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) network camera.

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