TrueLook Continues Its Record Growth As 2013 Achieves Doubled Bookings Over Previous Year

January 16, 2014 – Winston-Salem, NC – TrueLook, a leading provider of resort webcams and construction time-lapse cameras, announces a 118% increase in new bookings for 2013 versus 2012. The increased sales bring yet another record-breaking year for TrueLook revenues. The company continues its momentum from 2012, which saw a 259% increase in new bookings and set new sales records.

The principal force behind TrueLook’s recent growth has been the construction industry. The company has securely established itself as a leading provider of construction cameras used for live jobsite monitoring, team communication, and project time-lapsing. TrueLook cameras now capture over 85,000 pictures per day from jobsite time-lapses. Top-tier camera hardware, new administrative tools, and service improvements have yielded a positive response from the marketplace. In addition, customer feedback expresses widespread praise for TrueLook’s responsive after-the-sale support.

TrueLook also deployed many new cameras for major resort properties, trade shows, sporting events, private businesses, and even a television network. A large percentage of these systems were sold to existing customers wishing to expand their webcam service, indicative of the huge impact that customer loyalty has had on TrueLook’s success.

2014 Highlights

Superior Hardware – TrueLook continues to improve and streamline their HD camera hardware. New cameras with higher resolutions have improved image quality. New PTZ camera components have also yielded increased camera quality while reducing costs.

Turn-key Systems – TrueLook systems are now completely turn-key. Simply plugging the camera into a power supply will bring it online and ready to use. All cameras automatically transmit data via cellular towers, without any extra work or additional fees for the client.

Improved Services – Clients have greater control over their camera privacy with user accounts and password settings. The new TrueLook Data Locker allows clients to download any images and time-lapse videos directly from the web. This additional service is now included with all camera systems, and the download links will never expire. Many other software improvements continue to make TrueLook’s web interface more powerful and user-friendly.

Public Resources – The company continues to build its name recognition through industry resources such as www.TrueLookCams.com and www.ConstructionBrief.com. ConstructionBrief was launched in Q2 2013 as a news resource for construction professionals, and has already received attention and praise from many industry professionals.

About TrueLook

TrueLook is the world’s premier professional webcam system, specializing in construction cameras as well as hospitality, retail, sporting, expositions and live event webcams. TrueLook’s cloud-based software delivers powerful webcam interactivity and viewing controls to unlimited simultaneous users. Over the past 18 years, TrueLook has deployed webcams on every continent – including the NASA camera on the South Pole. This global network of IP-based cameras has captured over 2 billion media clips, delivering them to over 100 million users with a 99.99% service up-time. TrueLook has also been a pioneer in IP camera technology, having built the world’s first pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) network camera.  For more information, please visit: www.truelook.com.


Press Contact:
Ken Pittman

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Allison Shaub

Allison is TrueLook’s Chief Marketing Officer. In her role, she is responsible for developing strategic marketing and communications programs that generate awareness and drive deeper customer engagement. She has over a decade of experience helping brands build and scale their marketing efforts. Outside of business hours she enjoys spending time with her husband and two fur children.

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