TrueLook Now Captures 50,000 Time-Lapse Images Per Day From Construction Sites

TimeLapse ImageAugust 28, 2013 – Winston-Salem, NC – TrueLook announced today that its construction camera systems have reached a new milestone and are now taking more than 50,000 time-lapse photographs every day. Construction companies use TrueLook’s webcams to remotely monitor jobsites and to capture time-lapse videos of their projects. TrueLook’s consistent growth in the construction industry has resulted in this staggering amount of data being collected from the company’s network of cameras.

These 50,000 time-lapse images are captured across hundreds of construction sites using TrueLook’s HD construction cameras. TrueLook construction cameras are capable of capturing any number of custom time-lapses at any duration and interval the client wishes. The time-lapse images are viewable at any time from the webcam’s online interface, empowering construction managers to review any stage of their projects. The images are also delivered to clients upon a project’s completion along with rendered time-lapse movies.

In addition to the time-lapse images, TrueLook also delivers hundreds of thousands of images to it’s webcam viewers each day. Over the company’s 18 year history, well over 2 billion images have been devliered by the TrueLook service. Each client’s images are stored in perpetuity on TrueLook servers, resulting in a massive media database. Because of this, TrueLook clients never have to worry about losing their data.

About TrueLook

TrueLook is the world’s premier professional webcam system, specializing in construction, hospitality, retail, sporting, expositions and live event webcams. TrueLook’s cloud-based software delivers powerful webcam interactivity and viewing controls to unlimited simultaneous users. Over the past 18 years, TrueLook has deployed webcams on every continent – including the NASA camera on the South Pole. This global network of IP-based cameras has captured over 2 billion media clips, delivering them to over 100 million users with a 99.99% service up-time. TrueLook has also been a pioneer in IP camera technology, having built the world’s first pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) network camera. For more information, please visit: www.truelook.com.

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