TrueLook Releases Procore Embedded Experience Integration

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – July 15, 2020  – Winston Salem-based construction camera provider TrueLook announced today it has made its application available to Procore users through Procore’s Embedded Experience. 

As a partner of Procore, TrueLook has integrated with the project management software for several years; however, this Embedded Experience provides a deeper level of integration. It allows access to the entire TrueLook application, without ever having to leave the Procore platform, providing a more streamlined project management experience for the end user. 

“We were excited to see Procore make this available to its partners,” said Roger Yarrow, TrueLook COO. “A large percentage of our customers use the Procore solution; they’ve shared with us that they spend the better part of many days in Procore. By enabling the Procore Embedded Experience, TrueLook makes collaboration between teams even easier. ”

Live jobsite viewing, custom time-lapses and Intelligent Security features help TrueLook’s customers stay on task and under budget, even when they can’t be on the jobsite. Cameras help departments company-wide increase productivity, improve documentation and compliance, reduce workplace injury and augment sales and marketing efforts. 

About TrueLook

TrueLook is the only construction camera company to include live jobsite viewing, project time-lapsing, and Intelligent Security with every camera. TrueLook has pioneered new construction camera technologies for over 20 years, beginning with the world’s first Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera in 1995. Their cameras capture nearly 300,000 construction time-lapse photos every day across the U.S. and Canada and have delivered over two billion images to 100 million users. For more information, visit www.truelook.com or call 833-TRUELOOK (833-878-3566). 

Allison Shaub headhsot

Allison Shaub

Allison is TrueLook’s Chief Marketing Officer. In her role, she is responsible for developing strategic marketing and communications programs that generate awareness and drive deeper customer engagement. She has over a decade of experience helping brands build and scale their marketing efforts. Outside of business hours she enjoys spending time with her husband and two fur children.

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