TrueLook’s New Application and Tips to Navigate the User Interface

Times are changing, and so is the TrueLook application! We have a brand new application with improved user interface that features an improved dashboard with simpler navigation, making it easier than ever to view and control your TrueLook cameras. Here are a few key changes to look for in TrueLook’s new application:

Project Dashboard:

We’ve updated how projects and cameras are organized and accessed through the dashboard. Upon logging in, the application will default to show you thumbnails of all your active projects. With the click of a tab, you will be able to reference all your completed projects. This keeps ALL projects at your fingertips, but without the need to sort through completed projects to get to a current one. You’ll also be able to quickly see current weather conditions and how many live cameras you have on each project.

If you click on any active project, you’ll be taken to the default camera for that project. If your project has multiple cameras, clicking on the project will take you to the Project Page, where you can select which camera you’d like to see. 

Want to check out a completed project? Click on the “Completed” tab.

Project Live Views:

It’s easy to see live views of your project. Choose the account and project name at the top of the Project Live View Page, next to the hamburger menu. Use the drop-down arrow next to the project name to switch between active projects. 

live camera view inside of a commercial building dock

Next to the camera icon, you’ll see a number indicating how many cameras you have on that specific project. If you have multiple cameras set up for live viewing on a single project, you can use the camera icon to the right of the project name to switch between them. Just click on the icon, and a dropdown menu will allow you to select the camera you’d like to view.

When you’re done checking your cameras, navigate to the Project Dashboard, Media Manager or Project Info page from the left-hand navigation menu.

side-by-side screens showing two different construction sites

Administrators can change user access to any camera or any project. Click on the Users Admin icon to create, edit or delete users. 

Permission Settitngs:

TrueLook has long-allowed for different permission settings and this new application has improved upon that capability. Permission settings are now able to be set a at a more granular level to better serve both the overall organization and the individual users. Admin access can be granted at a company level across all projects – or at a project level so that the owner of a project can still do things such as access statistics and add users.

New support pages.

We’ve updated our support pages to help you understand and navigate the new Dashboard more easily. When you go to TrueLook Support, you’ll see a pop-up with two choices. If you’re using the new version of the TrueLook application, choose the “After February 2” option for the latest info!

Enjoy the new and improved interface of TrueLook’s new application!