View Thousands of Live Webcams From Around The World With TrueLook’s Newest Mobile App

Update: We’re sad to see it go, but we’ve decided to stop maintaining TrueLookCams.com. This was certainly a fun little side project! Luckily, there are a number of other great webcam directories out there!

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Winston-Salem, NC. TrueLook, the company behind the popular webcam directory TrueLookCams.com, announces the release of a new mobile application for Android and iOS devices. The TrueLookCams app lets users view over 10,000 live webcams located around the globe. The app is free to download from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Just like the full website at http://www.TrueLookCams.com, the mobile app lets users sort through the thousands of webcams by specific criteria. Cameras can be sorted by highest user rating, by most viewed, and by country. For the sake of optimal lighting, the webcam viewer displays a recent midday image. The webcams can be refreshed anytime, however, in order to display a live image. Certain cameras also have streaming video capability.

The app pulls webcam data such as star ratings and view counts directly from the web version at TrueLookCams.com. From the website, users can also leave comments on webcams, save favorite webcams, view live weather, submit their own webcams, and more. Users can also earn points for their actions and can compete on a leaderboard.

The TrueLookCams app is the second app built by TrueLook, but the only one intended for use by the general public. TrueLook’s first app, “TrueLook”, is a business app used exclusively by customers with TrueLook HD webcams.

Learn more and download the TrueLookCams app at http://www.TrueLookCams.com/app

About TrueLook
TrueLook is the world’s premier interactive webcam system, specializing in construction cameras, destination and resort webcams, and live-event webcams. For over 15 years, TrueLook has been deploying cameras on every continent of the globe – including the NASA camera on the South Pole. This world wide network of IP-based cameras has captured over 2.2 billion media clips, delivering them to over 100 million users with a 99.999% service up-time. TrueLook has also been a pioneer in IP camera technology, having built the world’s first pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) network camera.

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Ken Pittman


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Allison Shaub

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