When You Need to Buy a Construction Camera

buy a construction camera

Is there an ideal time to buy a construction camera system?

Many construction firms have multiple projects in development, which means traveling around between job sites, keeping separate paperwork updated for each project and interacting with multiple clients all at once. Do you trust that your crew will keep you informed of important details in a timely manner?

Installing a construction camera system may be the perfect solution, but the timing may be a concern. How do you know when’s the right time to buy a construction camera? What’s the value of renting a construction camera system versus purchasing one? Does the project length determine whether you need a system in place?

Should you buy a construction camera system or rent one?

Do you need to own a construction camera system or do you simply need the service that it provides? How you answer this question obviously determines whether you choose to invest in a system. Some providers offer a monthly rental option for a construction camera system. You as the construction company use the equipment while the system provider owns the equipment outright.

An excellent solution is purchasing the equipment and working with a provider, such as TrueLook, who can activate or deactivate the video feed service at your request. This prevents unnecessary charges for monitoring in between sites.

What does owning a construction camera system provide that renting one does not?

The ability to move a construction camera system around to different sites is much easier when your company owns the equipment. Providers who rent systems to construction companies sometimes require their own representatives to uninstall, relocate and reinstall the system. This can be time-consuming and potentially hazardous during the initial stages of development that are crucial for catching project-altering mistakes, such as inaccurate foundation or excavation work.

Owning a construction camera system does place all the liability on a company if the equipment malfunctions. A reliable connection is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted service in any environment, including extreme weather.

Purchasing a construction camera system before a project begins

Installing a new construction camera system can be a great start to monitoring a new project. You, your client, the client’s banking institution or any related staff can access a live stream from any device at any time. The right construction camera system also includes time-lapse capabilities for future marketing opportunities.

Purchasing a construction camera system after criminal activity

One of the more common instances where construction firms employ a construction camera system is after reports of criminal activity in a project area or even incidents of theft or vandalism inside an actual project. TrueLook’s fixed-camera system features 24/7 HD video recording for retrieval by project management or law enforcement. Whether it’s 10 a.m. on a Sunday or 1:30 a.m. on a Friday night, your site will be closely monitored for criminal activity. Click here to learn more about TrueLook or contact our TrueLook team to start a conversation today.