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Tetrad Development Corporation

TrueLook is very beneficial. I feel it’s a necessity for every job to have on-site. The webcams give people an idea of what we do. We use it on our website. It shows off our capabilities.” – Ron Hager, Project Manager, Tetrad Development Corporation


Tetrad Development Corporation is a subsidiary of Tetrad, specializing in private development and independent construction-related services for third-party clients. Recent projects include Phase 2 and Phase 3 expansion at the Scott Technology Center, construction management services for Millard Public Schools (to include nine separate bond issue projects), and most recently the new corporate headquarters building for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska.’

Tetrad wanted to keep principles and ownership involved and informed


As with any reputable construction company, quality is of the highest importance to Tetrad. Management holds weekly visits at each job site, which board members regularly attend to assess project progress. Though Tetrad is located in Nebraska, its projects can take place across the country, making travel very expensive. Plane flights, hours, overnight accommodations, and other travel costs add up quickly. Tetrad needed a way to keep principles and ownership involved and informed on its projects, but without draining so much of the team’s time and resources.

key drivers in the selection of TrueLook cameras include features, cost, availability, and support


After reviewing multiple options, Tetrad decided to use TrueLook’s webcam system and installed 2 pan-tilt-zoom cameras at their job site. The key drivers in choosing TrueLook were features, cost, availability, and support.

Tetrad has continued using TrueLook cameras for over seven years. The cameras have helped keep ownership and management abreast of site activity and progress, with much less travel required. Since projects are usually multiple states away, the time and money saved have been substantial.

The cameras are also used to showcase Tetrad’s work on the company’s website. Any client or potential client can see live images from Tetrad’s projects, which has served as a powerful marketing tool.