Drone Photography

How It Works

TrueLook has a nationwide network of qualified drone construction photography pilots on call and ready to photograph your jobsite. We make it easy to schedule a drone mission – for a fraction of the cost to buy your own quadcopter. Your drone media will show up automatically in your TrueLook app.


What Do You Get?

Our pilots use HD cameras to take 4k photographs and 1080p video. Each drone mission will deliver at least 20 high-resolution aerial images plus an edited video of the flight.

TrueLook Drone Images

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1080p Videos. 4K Photographs.
A Fraction Of The Cost.

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Why Use TrueLook Pilots?

TrueLook makes aerial photography extremely simple and cost effective for our customers. Purchasing your own drone would cost more than using our service, require pilot training time, and involve a number of regulatory hurdles and waiting for FAA paperwork to be legal.

Our Pilots Are:

  • FAA approved to fly for commercial purposes
  • Insured
  • Vetted for professionalism and quality
  • Bound by strict safety guidelines
Construction Drone

DRONE SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE FOR TRUELOOK CUSTOMERS ONLY. We do not offer stand-alone drone missions at this time.

Free Drone Photography

For a limited time, all qualifying orders will receive a FREE drone mission by a qualified photographer. Ask your sales rep for details.

Construction Drone