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Construction Cameras

Remote Monitoring, Time-Lapsing, & Security Recording

The TrueLook Advantage

TrueLook is the only construction camera to combine live jobsite viewing, project time-lapsing, and HD security recording in one turnkey system. We provide the best project management tools, at a lower price, with the most user-friendly interface. Try a live demo and see for yourself.

Our camera systems are time-proven. We’ve pioneered new construction camera technologies for over 18 years. Hundreds of jobsites, large and small, use TrueLook every day. Our camera systems take over 50,000 time-lapse photos every day across the US and Canada. We have delivered over 2 billion images to our users. If you need a professional, dependable service to manage your jobsites, look no further.

jobsite camera and construction interface

Only TrueLook Includes All 3:

live jobsite camera view

Remote Monitoring

View your live jobsite anytime, from anywhere. With TrueLook, you can log in from any device to see exactly what is happening on your jobsite. Our HD cameras capture incredible detail and display your jobsite images in a large, crisp format. You can also watch live video from your jobsite to see activity in motion. Live video is a free add-on that is available in almost all locations.

TrueLook also comes with our powerful collaboration tools: a multi-project dashboard, email & social sharing, photo albums with notes, image markup, automated email updates, viewer statistics, and more!

Learn about Remote Jobsite Monitoring

Project Time-Lapsing

Schedule your own custom time-lapses (as many as you want) and TrueLook will automatically create a stunning time-lapse video of your project progress. Watch or download your time-lapses anytime, even mid-project. With our robotic PTZ cameras, you can even time-lapse multiple different areas simultaneously.

Our time-lapse feature also includes the TrueLook Image Calendar. Travel back in time to any specific date and time to see exactly what your project looked like at that moment. Unsure when that delivery arrived? When was that inclimate weather? When was the subcontractor on site? Now you know.

Learn about Construction Project Time-Lapsing

jobsite security video recording

Security Video Recording

TrueLook’s exclusive security recording feature is included with all fixed-position camera systems. On motion-detection, the camera will begin recording HD video. Watch or download your HD security videos by specific date and time directly from the web interface. No extra equipment is required and you never have to go onsite to access your recordings. With our optional infrared illuminator, your camera can even see in the dark.

The motion-based recording is active 24/7. Not only will you catch thefts after hours, you can review jobsite activity from the workday. Provide HD video of thefts to the police,  review jobsite incidents internally, or simply watch videos of project activity. With TrueLook, you have complete project documentation capabilities.

Learn about HD Security Recording

"What a great product…it's very easy. This will be on every job from now on"

Jeffrey Park
Sr. Project Manager
Gilbane Building Company

“It is rare, to say the least, to work with a company that responds as quickly as yours.”

Tony Bonjour
Materials Manager
Goodman Manufacturing

"Plugged in the camera for the first time, and just like you said…it’s up and running. So easy to use."

Juan Nava
The Buzz Oates Group
of Companies

Camera Hardware

TrueLook offers two types of cameras, Fixed-Position and PTZ. Each has its own advantages and limitations. The major functional difference is that PTZ cameras can be robotically moved and zoomed.

All TrueLook cameras include built-in 4G LTE cellular modems, which connect automatically when you connect power to the unit. This makes TrueLook truly a turnkey system. Solar-power options are also available for remote or unpowered jobsites.

Fixed Camera

Fixed-Position Cameras

These cameras offer higher resolutions, a wider field-of-view, and a lower price tag than their PTZ counterparts. They are great for time-lapsing and documenting high res images.

PTZ Camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

PTZ cameras can cover a much larger area, as they can robotically move and offer a much better zoom. They can even time-lapse multiple areas simultaneously.

TrueLook Features

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