See our Constructive Giving Program in Action

What better way to inspire others than to share positive experiences. We love to share some of the charitable projects that our customers are working on. As more come through the program we will be sure to update you on our blog.


Williams Company: Home for the Holidays

Giving back to the community is no new venture for Williams Company. Since its inception 100 years ago, they have made community and charity a priority. “When you volunteer or donate, it lifts your spirit, and doing this with the people you work with has a tremendous positive impact on how our employee-owners view our company and its goals,” said Matt Olberding, Division Manager for Williams Company. KEEP READING »

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Does Your Project Meet the Criteria?

If so, complete this form and we will be in touch to learn more about your project! There will be only a limited number of opportunities available each year and projects will be selected carefully.

In order to qualify, the below criteria must be met:

Project Being Completed by a Current Customer

The Customer Should Also be Contributing to this Project in Some Way

Discover Other Ways We’re Contributing to our Local Communities

TrueLook is proud to employ a team of individuals who also feel passionate about positively impacting their communities through service, volunteering and charitable contributions. Together, our teams’ efforts reach a broad spectrum of organizations both locally and nationally.

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The Second Harvest Food Bank is an organization that has been close to my family for some time. Being able to contribute as part of their fundraising team is always a rewarding experience.

Parker Sheffield Parker Sheffield


Serving on the board of the Kathleen Price Bryan Family YMCA in Greensboro is my way of ensuring that my children and their peers will be able to enjoy the same programs as I did when I was little.

Joe Norris Joe Norris


I believe one of the most important things we can do for our society is to stand up for those less represented. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – MLK Jr.

Ginger Nixon Ginger Nixon