Mounts & Accessories

Camera Accessories To Fit Your Unique Jobsite Needs

TrueLook offers a variety of camera add-ons and accessories to ensure the optimal performance and condition of your construction cameras.

Wall & Pole Mounts

Compatible with all cameras

All TrueLook Cameras can come standard with wall or pole mounting hardware. Pole mounts are designed for use with both large and small diameter poles, while wall mounts can be attached to a variety of surfaces.

Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts

Compatible with all cameras

TrueLook’s Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts allow you to safely mount your construction camera and solar panels to the roof of a building with ease. The mount is stabilized by weighing down the frame with standard cored concrete blocks, and mast height options include 5′, 10′, and 30′.

Rugged Hard Cases

Compatible with all cameras

We offer rugged hard cases to help protect your camera between projects. They are watertight and crushproof, so your camera stays safe during storage or moving. When you purchase a hard case, we ship your camera inside it with the foam cut to fit your camera model.

Fence Signs

Add another visual deterrent with signs notifying potential intruders that your jobsite is equipped with 24/7 monitoring. These weather-resistant signs can be placed at entry and exit points, as well as any other areas of concern.

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