Why Choose Fixed-Position Cameras Over PTZ Cameras?

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  • 01 Wider field-of-view than PTZ cameras (86°-115°)
  • 02 Higher resolution images than PTZ Cameras
  • 03 Never moves during security recording
  • 04 Lower complexity and less moving parts

Superb Image Quality & Field-of-View

Fixed-position cameras produce incredibly high resolution images with a horizontal field-of-view, available from 86° to 115°. These cameras are available in 5, 12, and 20 megapixels or Ultra HD 4K. For a rock solid camera with crisp HD images, these cameras are unmatched.

view of construction crew digging to lay a foundation on a tablet

High-Definition Video

TrueLook cameras record all video in high definition 1080p. This provides a smoother, cleaner image and makes it easier to catch small details that could otherwise go unnoticed.

720 vs. 1080p side by side comparison

Truelook Exclusive

Professional Grade Lenses

Our 20 megapixel camera utilizes a professional grade Canon lens to capture extremely high-resolution images. This is the first and only camera on the market to come standard with live streaming video and security recording captured through the same lens used by professional photographers and videographers.

What Resolution Do I Need?

Your computer monitor can only display a certain number of pixels. A 1080p monitor, for instance, can display about 2 megapixels. So you may wonder why you’d ever need a webcam above 1080p resolution. The answer is digital zooming. A higher resolution camera image can be digitally zoomed (stretched) further.

5 Megapixels Sounds Small… Don’t get caught up in the numbers game. A 5MP image is actually quite large! And remember, larger images take longer to download, so balance your resolution needs against how responsive you want your camera to perform.

laptop showing resolution sizes

  • 5mp, 12mp, 20mp, or 4K IR JSS camera
  • Outdoor enclosure with thermostat controlled heater / blower
  • Your choice of mounts: wall, corner, or pole mount (non-penetrating roof mounts also available)
  • Turnkey installation – simply connect power
  • Automatic connection over speedy 4G LTE
  • Unlimited US-based Support

  • Impact Resistant enclosure with minimum IP66 rating
  • Powered via 120V AC (max 2 amps) or Solar Panel (with battery backup)
  • Virtually unlimited simultaneous users
  • Unlimited Media Storage
  • Unlimited Cellular Data
  • View Detailed Specifications

  • View live images from anywhere
  • Instant access to your time-lapses
  • Intelligent security with motion alerts
  • Save photos to online albums with comments
  • Save photos locally to your computer
  • View live weather conditions
  • And more…

Infrared Capability on select cameras

Built-in IR for Exceptional Image Quality, Day or Night, For Added Security.

Stay connected to your jobsite 24/7 with TrueLook’s industry-leading construction camera systems. Available on our 4K IR JSS model, this camera captures incredibly sharp images in any lighting condition, up to 50 meters away.

IR & No IR comparison

Compare Fixed Camera Specifications

5mp Camera 12mp Camera 20mp Camera
Resolution 4K IR JSS 5MP 12MP 20MP
Focal Length 6.2- 12.9mm 2.8 – 8.5mm 4 – 13mm 10 – 20mm
Hor. Field of View 109° 111° 86° 96°
Vert. Field of View 58° 81° 48° 68°
Infrared (IR) Range 40m N/A N/A N/A
5mp IR Camera Resolution
Focal Length
3.9- 10mm
Hor. Field of View
Vert. Field of View
Infrared (IR) Range
5mp Camera Resolution
Focal Length
2.8 – 8.5mm
Hor. Field of View
Vert. Field of View
Infrared (IR) Range
5mp Camera Resolution
Focal Length
4 – 13mm
Hor. Field of View
Vert. Field of View
Infrared (IR) Range
5mp Camera Resolution
Focal Length
10 – 20mm
Hor. Field of View
Vert. Field of View
Infrared (IR) Range

Rugged Hard Cases

We offer rugged hard cases that will help protect your camera between projects. They are watertight and crushproof, so your camera stays safe during storage or moving. We ship your camera inside the case, with the foam already cut to fit your camera model.