Intelligent Security

Included with every camera

Protect Your Jobsite with Intelligent Security from TrueLook.

Keep a watchful eye on your projects with Intelligent Security, a feature that comes standard on all TrueLook Cameras. Intelligent Security combines continuous recording with AI-powered motion detection, providing you with customizable alerts and video footage of jobsite activity.

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24/7 HD Security Recording

TrueLook Cameras capture video in high definition, allowing for clear evidence in the event of theft or vandalism. All recordings are stored directly in the TrueLook Platform for sixty days to review or share, with the option to save chosen footage permanently.

To complement our Intelligent Security feature, we offer cameras with built-in infrared (IR). IR cameras offer exceptional image quality, even in complete darkness, so you can rest assured knowing that incidents will be captured any time of day.

AI-Powered Motion Detection

Intelligent Security utilizes AI-powered motion detection to quickly spot potential threats on your jobsite in real time. Stay informed about any suspicious activity and enhance your project’s security measures accordingly.

Worried about false alarms? Our team can set up detection and exclusion zones for your cameras. This is especially helpful if your camera view includes any areas that are outside of your jobsite.

Customizable Alerts

Set specific hours that you want to receive motion alerts, such as evening hours and weekends when no one should be on site. If motion is detected during these hours, users who have opted in will receive an email or text notification with a snapshot of the activity.

Interested in Additional
Security Measures?

TrueLook offers professional monitoring and other security solutions to enhance your project’s security.

Jobsite Surveillance

Professional monitoring to verify
motion alerts.

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Strobes and Sirens

Scare off theives and vandals
in real time.

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Security Recordings

TrueLook Cameras offer the most comprehensive feature set for the jobsite, giving you the features you need to keep your projects on track, without the added hassle.

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Every TrueLook
Camera includes:

Remote Live Viewing

Custom Time-Lapsing

Intelligent Security

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With TrueLook, you can choose the hours that alerts are generated, who to send alerts to, and more.

All TrueLook Cameras include unlimited 4G LTE so no WiFi is needed. This also means your cameras are on their own secure networks.

No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

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