Intelligent Jobsite Security


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Intelligent Jobsite Security

It is essential to have a comprehensive security solution at every jobsite – with over 1 billion being lost per year to construction theft.

Truelook’s Intelligent Security offers complete, trusted jobsite protection with 24/7 security recording, customizable motion alerts and optional Jobsite Surveillance services with human verification and police dispatch.

And all TrueLook’s cameras continuously record in HD 1080p – far exceeding most other construction site security cameras, so you’ll see every detail.





Motion Detection

Customizable Motion Alerts

All Truelook cameras come with customizable, Intelligent Motion Alerts. Our motion detection technology can differentiate between people and other objects or animals on your jobsite.

Additionally, with advanced customization options you can define the areas of your jobsite that you want your camera to cover while ignoring everything outside of these areas. With this customization you can effectively monitor the area you want, and reduce the number of unnecessary motion alerts, such as cars driving by. You can also select specific hours that want to activate your motion alerts, this is typically during evening hours and weekends when no one should be on site.

If motion is detected in the zones, during set hours you will receive an SMS notification with with a clip of the motion.




in app motion alert with chat bubble

Human Verified Alerts & Police Dispatch

New! Jobsite Surveillance

Jobsite Surveillance is the newest addition to our Intelligent Security feature. This optional service combines our Intelligent Motion Alerts with human verification to provide you with an added layer of trusted protection.

How does it work? If motion is detected on your jobsite via our Intelligent Motion Alerts, a clip of the motion will be sent to our team of trained monitoring agents who will verify if the threat is real. If verified, the agent will send the primary contact an SMS alert. The primary contact will then have the option to dismiss the alert or request emergency services. If emergency services are requested, the agent will contact dispatchers with a description of the threat in progress. If no response is received from the primary contact, emergency services will be dispatched.

This added service reduces the likelihood of false alarms and ensures a prompt response to jobsite intrusions.

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Anywhere. Everywhere.

Unlike traditional construction site security cameras, you can access your HD video directly from the TrueLook web interface or mobile app, on your laptop, phone or tablet. From within the web interface, users can select any date, choose any specific times for review, and the video clips will be available to watch or download from your secure account. All downloaded security recordings are saved forever as part of TrueLook’s Free Forever Cloud storage service, which is standard for all cameras and projects.



in app access to cloud data


High Definition Video

TrueLook cameras record in high definition 1080p to provide the detailed video evidence that you would expect from a modern security system. 1080p provides a smoother, cleaner image and makes it easier to catch small details that could otherwise go unnoticed.

buldozer side by side 720 vs 1080p


Clear Video, Day or Night

We’ve all seen standard definition security footage. Even with bright lighting in close quarters, it leaves something to be desired. Construction sites can get dark and the action can be distant. TrueLook captures all video in high definition at 1080p to provide detailed video evidence you’d expect from a modern security system. And with built-in infrared technology on select TrueLook construction cameras, even at night, users can see clear imagery of their jobsites.




Solar Panel


Solar Power Options Available

If you don’t have power on the jobsite yet, or if you are looking to go green, solar power options are available for all the TrueLook cameras; fixed position, PTZ and indoor.

Why Your Jobsite Needs Security Cameras

We are typically aware of how security cameras can help when it comes to things like jobsite theft and trespassing. Cameras have long proven incredibly valuable in that regard.

Oftentimes just the presence of a security camera onsite is enough to deter criminal activity. If people know a site is being recorded, they will be much less likely to trespass or commit a crime. If the camera isn’t enough to deter them, motion alerts can inform the proper people so that they may take the steps necessary to prevent the damage or theft to the property.

Should something happen on site, camera recordings may be turned over to the authorities in order to help find the parties responsible and carry out prosecution.

Added Benefits of Using a Security Camera System on Your Construction Site

What users might not consider are all the other benefits that a security recording from a construction camera can bring to the table. With 24/7 recording and a rolling 30 day storage, security recordings can also be used in the following situations:

Supervising Your Construction Workers

Cameras can be used not only for recording jobsite activity, but also for monitoring what’s happening in real time. Whether you need to verify that work is being completed or safety procedures are being followed, TrueLook cameras are one of the most reliable sources of documentation.

Promoting Worker Safety

Reviewing security footage can be an excellent way to perform safety spot checks. This footage can also be used as a training tool when working with new employees.

Determining How Resources Are Being Used

Reviewing jobsite footage can provide useful insight into how and where resources are being used.

Compliance and Documentation

Compliance is one of the biggest cost centers for construction firms. Tracking and understanding an ever-increasing list of regulations from OSHA and other governing bodies takes substantial time and resources.