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Ultra High-Definition

TrueLook offers both fixed position and PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras The fixed position cameras deliver images up to 20 megapixels and the PTZ cameras can be robotically controlled for a full 360 degree view of your jobsite.

All construction cameras are equipped for live viewing, time-lapse and intelligent security. Built extra tough, our weatherproof cameras are able to operate in extreme temperatures and will not fail on the job.

Included with Every TrueLook Construction Camera

mobile app live jobsite view mobile app time-lapsing mobile app intelligent security controls

TrueLook construction cameras let you view LIVE images and streaming video from your jobsite. You’ll always know exactly what’s happening on your project, no matter where you are.

Create beautiful time-lapse videos of your projects, or revisit any past time from your project to justify weather delays or check on your team activities.

All Cameras record 24/7 with customizable motion alert setting to let you know when there is activity on your jobsite after hours.


No One Makes Construction Cameras as Hassle-Free
as TrueLook.

We bend over backwards for our customers. Hundreds of jobsites, large and small, use TrueLook every day. We provide the best project management tools, at a lower price, with the most user-friendly interface. If you need a professional, dependable service to manage your jobsites, look no further.

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View your jobsite from any internet connected device. Always be aware of your site conditions. Share your project’s progress with investors, customers, and other interested parties.

Set up construction time-lapses for any interval and duration. Run multiple simultaneous time-lapses for different areas of your jobsite. Watch time-lapses anytime, even mid-project. Easily jump to any historical date within your time-lapse.

Security video recording captures any activity on your jobsite in HD 720p and alerts you when there is motion on your jobsite. Watch or download your HD security videos by specific date and time.

We have the simplest install in the industry. Just plug in your camera to a power source and you are online.

TrueLook’s camera interface works just like any other website. Access your camera easily from your smartphone, tablet, or computer – it just works.

Optionally, you may embed a specially designed version of our interface on your own website. Promote your project to the world by sharing a live view, time-lapse videos, photo albums, and more.

Get live weather conditions from your construction site and view historical weather data from throughout your project. Easily justify weather delays. Share project info, links, and an interactive map of your project.

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Our cameras ship with internal 4G LTE modems, which are up to 10x faster than 3G. TrueLook includes free data connectivity over the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network. No setup required.

With no service contracts, TrueLook makes it easy to get up and running with as few or as many months service as needed – plus reconnections and renewals are a snap!

Check analytics of your construction camera usage. If sharing your camera, you can see exactly how active your camera has been each day. Complete with visual graphs.

Save images from your webcam to a hosted TrueLook photo album. Add comments and notes, then view your photo album anytime. Or upload photos from on-the-ground, directly from your mobile device to a TrueLook photo album.

Images can be saved or shared quickly and easily. Send emails to team members or post image updates to social media. Markup tools can be used to draw or add notes directly to your image.

As camera owner, you can set the privacy level of your camera. Create or delete user logins for your team members. Generate or revoke direct links to your camera to easily share your project with groups. Schedule automated emails with project updates and camera images.

Watch live streaming video from your construction camera and see your jobsite in action. TrueLook’s multi-cast streaming is included standard – an industry exclusive! This provides smooth streaming video to any number of simultaneous viewers.

Trusted by Top Industry-Leading Companies

“It is rare, to say the least, to work with a company that responds as quickly as yours.”
Tony Bonjour
Materials Manager, Goodman Manufacturing
“Plugged in the camera for the first time, and just like you said…it’s up and running. So easy to use.”
Juan Nava
Marketing Specialist, The Buzz Oates Group of Companies
“What a great product…it’s very easy. This will be on every job from now on.”
Jeffrey Park
Sr. Project Manager, Gilbane Building Company

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