Construction Cameras For Every Jobsite

TrueLook offers fixed-position, pan-tilt-zoom, and interior cameras, ensuring the right camera type for any project. Choose from our various solar power and mounting options to assist with specific jobsite needs, as well as accessories for your cameras.

Construction Cameras

Fixed-Position Cameras

Superb Image Quality & Field of View

Fixed-position cameras produce incredibly high-resolution images with horizontal field of view ranging from 86° to 108°. These construction site cameras are available in 12 megapixels or 4K. For a rock-solid camera with crisp HD images, fixed-position cameras are unmatched.

PTZ Cameras

Explore 360° Views of Your Largest Jobsites

Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ cameras are robotic and can be moved remotely from the TrueLook platform. PTZ cameras can pan 360°, allowing you to see areas of your jobsite that would not be visible from a fixed field of view.

Interior Cameras

Heavy-Duty Features in a Smaller Package

Interior construction cameras are smaller and lighter than outdoor all-weather cameras, making them easier to mount or move. The Ultra HD 4K resolution and 108° horizontal field of view makes our interior cameras perfect for capturing high-quality images and video of jobsite interiors.

“Buying a camera from TrueLook was a great experience from purchase to setup… we have a sprawling site with 6 buildings, and this camera can see from end to end clearly. The daily time-lapse gives a great insight into how much work is accomplished over time.”

Mark Follet

Project Manager,
Western Builders

Solar Power Options for Cameras

No Power? No Problem.

Power any TrueLook Construction Camera with a solar package, whether it’s a fixed-position or PTZ. Solar packages come with two panels, a multi-day battery backup system, and adjustable mounting hardware that can be customized to your jobsite.

TrueLook Solar Packages are eligible for a Federal Energy Tax Credit (ITC) through Form 3468.

Easy to Move. Ready for Use. Sustainably Powered.

Solar Skids

No Power? No Pole? No Problem.

TrueLook’s Solar Skids are a simple solution for jobsites that have mounting and powering needs. This all-in-one station features two solar panels, a 15’ mast for camera mounting, and a multi-day battery backup system.

Other Mounts & Accessories

For Your Jobsite’s Needs.

TrueLook offers a variety of camera add-ons and accessories to ensure the optimal performance and condition of your construction site security camera. Use a non-penetrating roof mount for simple camera mounting, hard cases for secure transportation, and fence signs as proactive deterrents.

No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

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