Explore the Benefits of TrueLook Integrations

Access your jobsite images, videos, and other documentation in one location by integrating TrueLook with other platforms. We integrate with project management and reality capture tools.

TrueLook + Procore

Use TrueLook directly within Procore as an embedded application. Share noteworthy photos from TrueLook to Procore. Choose whether your time-lapse images automatically appear in Procore. Enjoy additional user features, such as creating RFIs from within TrueLook.

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TrueLook + Autodesk

View and interact with your live camera from your Autodesk insights dashboard. Save important photos from TrueLook in Autodesk. Back up all your time-lapse images to an Autodesk folder. Email photos directly to Autodesk contacts and more.

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TrueLook + DroneDeploy

Capture your jobsite from even more angles with the integration of TrueLook Cameras into DroneDeploy. Streamlining your documentation tools not only saves valuable time but also consolidates all your jobsite data seamlessly.

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