Construction Time-Lapse Cameras



Time-Lapse Videos Updated Daily

Easily schedule as many custom time-lapses as you want for your project. The camera will take pictures on your schedule and automatically create time-lapse videos for you. Watch or download your time-lapses at any time, even mid-project.

With TrueLook’s unlimited cloud storage and free forever hosting, you will always have a complete catalog of your jobsites and can easily travel back in time to view any project.




construction time-lapse view in-app

Custom Time-Lapsing

Intuitive Interface Makes Customization Easy

While fixed position cameras are always set on the same field of view, TrueLook’s PTZ cameras allow users to set up multiple simultaneous time-lapses running from different points of view. As the TrueLook PTZ cameras can pan a full 360˚ around your jobsites, you can create separate time-lapses of your structure, parking lot, and staging area all from one camera.

Editing and creating new time-lapse videos is easy with the intuitive user interface of the TrueLook application. Users can create an unlimited number of custom time-lapse videos, specifying items such as frames per second, speed, music, removal of night or weekend images, etc.



Travel Back In Time

View Historical Data for Any Project

TrueLook cameras typically take thousands of pictures to create a custom time-lapse video throughout your project, which justifies weather delays, checks subcontractor activity, etc. TrueLook lets you browse your time-lapse images at any date and time. You can effectively travel back in time to any point in your project.

With TrueLook, you have complete photo documentation of your entire project. Never wonder who was on-site or when your materials arrived. We even log historical weather information for your entire project.




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24 Hour Time-Lapse Photography with Built-In IR

Built-in infrared (IR) technology is available on select Fixed, PTZ, and Indoor TrueLook cameras to allow continuous, 24-hour time-lapse photography. Built-in IR technology allows for clear image capture in low light or total darkness, up to 250+ meters away.



built-in infrared construction camera views (IR) side-by-side

Construction Time-Lapse Camera Recording in HD 1080p Resolution

All videos captured with your TrueLook time-lapse camera record in HD 1080p, far superior to other cameras’ resolution of 1280×720.


Compare Images and Track Progress

TrueLook offers the best variety of tools for viewing your project’s progress over time.

building construction before and after camera view quad view comparison of a construction project slideshow preview of construction progress

Compare any two images from your time-lapse photography (as pictured) to quickly see changes on your jobsite.

Alternatively, you can view multiple images side-by-side in a quad view comparison. You can set your gallery of time-lapse images to a daily, weekly, or monthly time interval to let you see a condensed timeline of your project.

Share a slideshow from your project images and video from any time interval. Slideshows can be shared as links with team members or embedded into websites.

Included with Every TrueLook Construction Camera:

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Unlike some other services, TrueLook gives you unlimited cloud storage for your media. You don’t have to worry about swapping out memory cards on your camera. No matter how long your project runs or how many time-lapses you schedule, there are no data caps or hidden fees.

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Access or download your time-lapse images and videos from TrueLook anytime. We will never delete them, and your log-in will never expire – even if you’re no longer a customer. Never worry about misplaced discs or drives again – your media is always available over the cloud with TrueLook.

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Share camera access with anyone on your team or share public access on your website. Sharing settings are completely customizable for each camera and each user.

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Access or download your time-lapse images and videos from TrueLook anytime. We will never delete them, and your log-in will never expire – even if you’re no longer a customer. Never worry about misplaced discs or drives again – your media is always available over the cloud with TrueLook.


Video Content Drives Engagement

Video content dominates the internet, and its popularity with consumers continues is increasing. Smart Marketers know the power of video and use it to drive business growth. More than 80% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

bar and graph chart showing improvement

Video is highly engaging, brings a human touch to your marketing materials, and allows you to build and tell a more complete story than a static photo. A recent study found that marketers who take advantage of video grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t and using video on a landing page on your website can increase conversions by 80% or more.

Nothing is more powerful for showcasing your firm’s capabilities than watching a construction project as it unfolds. Time-lapse videos capture a project’s progress over time and condense the action into a fast-paced, engaging video. Every 10 seconds of a time-lapse video spans hundreds of individual still images — and they’re fun to watch.

Time-lapse footage can be integrated with marketing outreach to help tell a compelling story about your firm and the quality and scope of your work. For example, a time-lapse video can span the entire project — from breaking ground, to building the superstructure, interior construction activities and all the way to landscaping.