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Included with Every Camera

Fixed Position or PTZ Construction Time-Lapse Cameras

Capture and share progress from every angle with unlimited, custom construction time-lapsing and photo documentation. Record day-to-day site activity and easily share updates with stakeholders and team members. With our Free-Forever Media Storage, you’ll never have to worry about losing your photos or videos.

Construction time-lapse functionality comes standard with every TrueLook Camera.

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Cameras With Automated Time-Lapse Creation

Simply set the schedule you want your construction time-lapse camera to take photos, and our platform will automatically create time-lapse videos for you. Watch or download your time-lapses at any time, even mid-project.

Want to make a tweak? Editing time-lapse videos are easy with our intuitive platform. Specify items such as frames per second, speed, music, and removal of night or weekend images.

Capture Multiple Construction Time-Lapses Simultaneously

While fixed-position cameras are always set on one specific view, TrueLook’s Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras allow users to set up multiple simultaneous time-lapses capturing different points of view. PTZ cameras can pan a full 360˚, meaning you can create separate time-lapses of your structure, parking lot, and staging area all from one camera.

Pictures of construction time lapses
A picture of someone schedule the times that a timelapse camera for construction will take images

Look Back at Any Time with Unlimited Photo Documentation

With TrueLook time-lapse solutions, you have complete photo documentation of your project. Never wonder who was onsite or when your materials arrived. You can look back at any date or time to see the exact activity happening. We even log historical weather information for your entire project. This is helpful in the scenario when you need to justify delays or budget needs.

Time-Lapses to Showcase Progress and Marketing

Nothing is more powerful in showcasing your firm’s capabilities than watching a construction project as it unfolds. Construction time-lapse camera footage can be integrated with marketing outreach to tell a compelling story about your firm, as well as the quality and scope of your work.

For example, a construction time-lapse video can span the entire project — from breaking ground to building the superstructure, interior construction activities, and all the way to landscaping.

Optional Add-on Service

With TrueLook’s Premium Construction Time-Lapse service, professional editors create stunning videos using the high definition time-lapse images captured by your TrueLook Camera. These videos can be easily tailored to your company’s branding and are yours to use for sales, marketing, and more.

No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

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AI-Generated Time-Lapse Gallery

No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

TrueLook Cameras offer the most comprehensive feature set for the jobsite, giving you the features you need to keep your projects on track, without the added hassle.

4G LTE Included | No Contract Service Plans | No Limits on Users | Free-Forever Media Storage | No Data Limits | Lifetime Camera Warranty | 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Every TrueLook
Camera includes:

Remote Live Viewing

Custom Time-Lapsing

Intelligent Security

Unlimited USA Support

Frequently Asked Questions

With TrueLook, time-lapses are unlimited. You can schedule as many as you’d like and preview them at any time during the project.

Using construction time-lapse cameras are a great way to document any project. They can be used for generating new business, providing your clients with increased transparency, and much more.

Construction time-lapse cameras record the building process and help with construction site security monitoring. Time-lapse videography can support marketing efforts and generate new business or public engagement.

All TrueLook Construction Cameras have time-lapse recording functionality. When choosing your camera, consider factors such as resolution, battery life, weather resistance, storage capacity, and remote access capabilities. All TrueLook Construction Time-Lapse Cameras offer free storage, remote access, and let users edit their time-lapse recording. 

Place the camera in a high, stable location with an unobstructed view of the entire construction area to capture all key activities effectively. TrueLook offers professional construction site camera installation to ensure maximum visibility and functionality.

Install the time-lapse construction camera in an optimal place to record the angles that you need to document. Once the camera is properly mounted, log into your TrueLook user dashboard to set up the time-lapse feature. Plan the camera’s schedule to take frequent shots, especially during critical phases, and adjust the interval settings as needed throughout the project.

The operation duration depends on the camera model and power source; solar-powered cameras can run continuously and have a battery backup system. Battery-operated construction site cameras may need replacement every few weeks to months.

If you’re using your construction time-lapse camera footage to boost community engagement, you can offer live viewing to the community. Or update and share footage weekly or monthly to maintain audience interest and demonstrate continuous progress. Learn how Elevatus Architecture used its construction video footage to increase community interest in the project.

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No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

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