AutoDesk + Construction Camera

Share TrueLook media to your AutoDesk BIM 360 account

Camera Images In BIM 360

All of your TrueLook time-lapse photos will automatically be copied to a dedicated photo album in your BIM 360 project. You will always have access to photos from your entire project history, whether you’re working in TrueLook or in BIM 360. If you aren’t concerned with keeping these images in BIM 360, you can turn this syncing feature off.

Save Important Photos

Send any image from TrueLook to your BIM 360 project, with optional markup and notes. These manually-shared images appear in their own album within BIM 360 and let you capture important or noteworthy items.

Additional User Shortcuts

Collaborating within TrueLook becomes even more convenient. You can quickly grant AutoDesk users access to your TrueLook camera. When using TrueLook’s share features, you can easily select a AutoDesk contact from dropdown lists.