Project Highlight: Hagerstown Ballpark

The locals of Hagerstown, Maryland officially have a new pastime. In May 2024, Hagerstown’s first minor league baseball team, the Flying Boxcars, christened the town’s new Multi-Use Sports and Events Facility, hosting the Staten Island FerryHawks–and a crowd of eager fans–to kick off their first-ever homestand. 

Located in the city’s heart, the new Sports and Events Facility is part of an effort to revitalize and engage the Hagerstown community. Coined Meritus Park, the stadium will serve as a hub for locals to come together. It’s expected to host more than sixty baseball games annually and provide a venue for concerts, community gatherings, and sporting events for other local teams and high schools. 

Funding, designing, and building the stadium was no small feat. The Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) allocated nearly $80 million to finance the project. In addition, Governor Hogan and the General Assembly provided a total of $10 million to support the effort. Altogether, the project took just over two and a half years from start to finish. Today, the stadium boasts over 4,000 seats, a new scoreboard, and a Meritus Park marquee sign. 

The Hagerstown Multi-Use Sports and Events Facility, Inc. partnered with Turner Construction Company and Magic Lantern, a production company, to build and advertise the stadium. While Turner handled the stadium construction, Magic Lantern worked with TrueLook to install construction cameras throughout the jobsite so they could provide locals and key stakeholders with a view into the construction of Hagerstown’s newest attraction.

Magic Lantern set up a live stream on Visit Hagerstown’s website and posted time-lapse videos captured by the cameras to build excitement for the project and showcase all the great work that went into the stadium’s construction.

“I didn’t know what to expect [when adding the TrueLook Camera live stream to the website] and I was immensley impressed with what happened. Well over 29,000 individual people viewed that live camera page 120,000 times.”

– Dan Spedden, President of Visit Hagerstown

Today, the live stream shows a fully functional, brand-new stadium–and if you tune in during a summer evening, you might even catch some excited fans cheering on their new team.

Allison Shaub, Chief Marketing Officer headhsot

Allison Shaub, Chief Marketing Officer

Allison is a seasoned marketing leader with over 14 years of experience driving transformative change for startups, agencies, and Fortune 100/500 companies. With expertise across diverse B2B and B2C markets, including technology, construction, automotive, and healthcare, she's known for her customer-centric approach that consistently delivers higher ROI and exceptional product development. At TrueLook, Allison spearheads strategic marketing initiatives to enhance brand awareness, meet business objectives, and foster deeper consumer engagement. Beyond work, Allison loves spending time with her husband, son, and two fur kids.

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