How to Use Time-Lapse Video to Market Your Firm

Construction is an increasingly competitive industry; standing out from competitors requires creative thinking. Enter time-lapse videos — a great way to connect with your audience and generate leads.

Video has been shown to generate much more engagement than photos and offers a variety of innovative ways to promote your brand.

Consider these stats:

  • Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than text and image content, combined. 
  • Users retain 95% of the information conveyed by video versus 10% of text
  • More than 90% of marketers say videos increase user understanding of their products or services.
  • In 2023, 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, reaching an all-time high since 2016. 

Including video in your marketing outreach helps attract and convert customers. Construction firms that use video are more likely to rank higher and be found in search, successfully capture the attention of prospective customers, and compel them to click through to learn more. Plus, time-lapse footage is a versatile marketing tool that can be utilized to showcase your firm’s differentiators, generate interest and excitement around projects, all while demonstrating exceptional jobsite management.

Here are some great ways to use time-lapse videos to market your firm:

  • Showcase a large or high-profile project. Has your firm recently completed a large, complex project? Using a time-lapse video to showcase your success lets prospects know you’re capable of taking this type of job all the way to completion. Add it to your website or YouTube channel as an example of your work for investors and prospects to see.
  • Prove your firm’s capabilities. Show, don’t tell! A time-lapse video of a project offers proof that your firm can take on a certain type of job. 
  • Create excitement around new construction. Time-lapse video is captivating and helps draw people in. If you want to raise awareness for a big project your firm is working on, sharing the latest time-lapse clip can get people checking back to see your progress.
  • Promote your firm on social media. Short time-lapse clips drive high engagement on social — according to Hubspot, social media posts with video have 48% more views. And G2 Crowd reports that social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and image content combined. Don’t forget LinkedIn. On this social media platform, videos get 5x more engagement, and LinkedIn users engage with video ads 3x longer than with other types of content. Simply incorporating a short clip of time-lapse footage can send your conversions through the roof!
  • Showcase modular construction offering. Modular construction is gaining momentum as a way to save money and accelerate project completion. Use a time-lapse video to demonstrate your modular construction processes and show how modules are incorporated into the main construction project.
  • Emphasize sustainability. One of the biggest trends in construction today is a focus on sustainability. You can use time-lapse videos to showcase sustainable building practices and highlight environmentally friendly features of your projects, such as green roofs, solar panels, and energy-efficient materials.
  • Showcase safety practices. Safety is always a top concern in construction, and time-lapse videos can help demonstrate your commitment to safety on the job site. Highlight safety protocols and best practices in your videos, and show how your team works to minimize risks and prevent accidents.
  • Hype up an event or opening. Time-lapse video is perfect for event promotion in emails, on your website, trade show booths, and more. You can easily create excitement about events involving your projects by displaying video footage of the structure your firm worked on coming together.

Getting Started with Time-Lapse

The best way to capture time-lapse footage is to install construction cameras in strategic locations at your jobsite. Construction cameras are purpose-built for this type of environment and eliminate the need to hire professional photographers, who can charge thousands per day. Plus, no oversight is necessary. Once installed, construction cameras capture the footage automatically and can be controlled remotely, using any internet-connected device.

In addition to video, construction cameras produce high-quality still photos, which can also augment your sales and marketing efforts.

NEW! Take your time-lapse projects to the next level with TrueLook Premium Time-Lapse Videos. Use these customized videos to showcase your projects and drive business growth.

Quality Matters

Of course, with any video project, quality is key. TrueLook’s high-quality construction cameras provide ultra HD images. You can choose from fixed-position cameras for ultra-stable time-lapses or Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras offering the ability to create multi-image panoramic time-lapses.

Plus, TrueLook’s platform makes it easy to schedule and capture an unlimited number of high-quality time-lapses that are great to share on social media or your website. Your images will automatically create a video that you can easily download or share any time you’d like. Additionally, we make it easy to customize your videos through the ability to adjust the length, date range shown, music, and more. Video content showcasing your companies work can serve as the construction marketers true secret weapon when it comes to how best to promote your firm. 

Check out the TrueLook Construction Camera options, inquire for a no obligation quote, or schedule a live demo to learn more about  our time-lapse and jobsite security capabilities. If you’re looking to learn more on construction news and insights, be sure to check out our blog!


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