Top Mobile Apps to Streamline Project Management and Safety on the Jobsite

Construction projects have many moving parts – and busy project managers are always on the go. On any given day, they may be juggling tasks across multiple projects and jobsites, driving from one site to the next, or checking in remotely from the office. Keeping all balls in the air can be a challenge, especially when the information needed to manage your projects effectively, is largely found online. If you’re not sitting at your desk, how does one keep up?

In today’s digital world, mobile construction apps are not only essential for completing tasks, but can be used to improve worksite safety, simplify project management, collaborate more effectively with project stakeholders, as well as perform other essential tasks without breaking stride. This blog takes a look at some of the best mobile apps currently on the market that will be a game changer on managing projects through all stages of construction. 

Pre-Construction Apps

  • SmartBid: This leading construction bid management app helps to simplify the communication and collaboration process between teams during the pre-construction phase. SmartBid can be used to send bid invitations, share documents, as well as manage data and project metrics for compliance and reporting. The app can also be integrated with other construction project management apps too!
  • DeWalt Mobile Pro: Created by DeWalt, this app enables you to determine the metrics and amount of materials needed for projects of any size. A calculator allows you to enter project site measurements, as well as factors in your end goals for the build. The app will then respond with a custom plan, and all materials needing to be purchased prior to breaking ground.
  • TrueLook: Available for iOS and Android the TrueLook mobile app allows you to connect and access your jobsite cameras interface at any time. During the pre-construction phase, TrueLook cameras can be used to keep tabs on equipment and materials as they’re delivered to the jobsite, as well as ensure no materials are tampered with. Images and footage from the cameras enable complete documentation from day 1 of your project, all the way through completion. This footage can also be used for compliance and reporting purposes.

Project Management Apps

  • Autodesk Build (formerly PlanGrid Build Field): Autodesk Build construction productivity software lets you manage teams and projects in one place, with real-time access to blueprints, plans, checklists, RFIs and more. Available for Android or iOS, the app can be adapted for any size project and used in tandem with DocuSign, DropBox, Excel and other software. 
  • Procore Mobile App: This app gives you access to Procore, the leading project management platform, on any device, so teams can work more efficiently, communicate better as well as build quicker, by using a single source of truth. Capabilities include project and invoice management, design coordination, bid management and more.
  • Fieldwire: This construction management app provides crews and back office staff the tools they need to execute daily tasks, along with full project visibility. With features such as plan viewing, task management, scheduling and more, Fieldwire helps to improve jobsite communication, coordination and productivity by enabling users to assign tasks, monitor progress, manage scheduling, complete and share reports, and more.
  • TrueLook – Again!: TrueLook cameras are an essential tool on the jobsite throughout construction, and with our mobile app, it’s like you’re always onsite. Login to view a jobsite at any time, check your project’s progress, keep an eye on crews and deliveries, and share photos and footage with stakeholders – wherever you are!

Safety and Compliance Apps

  • OSHA Heat Safety Tool: Created by OSHA and the National Weather Service, this app enables managers and workers to calculate the heat index for their jobsite, which in turn helps to predict risk levels and keep your workers safe. Plus, with just a few clicks, the app will send reminders to your employees regarding safety precautions to help protect against heat-related illnesses, prior to them actually happening.
  • Safety Meeting App: Available through the Safety Meeting App Site, as well as iTunes and the Google Play store, this compliance tool helps contractors and project managers to record and track OSHA-required safety meetings. The app also tracks accidents, incidents, or any close calls. It can help to keep your entire team in the loop of what is expected while on the jobsite, what safety measures are being taken, and the potential safety risks workers might face while on the jobsite.
  • You guessed it – TrueLook! TrueLook enables remote viewing on a 24×7 basis. This includes surveillance, as well as the ability to play back footage in just one click. This allows you to check in on your jobsite after hours, review any security incidents or motion alerts, and ensure all safety procedures are being followed consistently. 

Keep the Right (Digital) Tools in Your Pocket

Whatever task you need to tackle, there’s probably an app for it! With this much technology at your fingertips, you’ve got a helping mobile hand to streamline pre-construction, project management and safety needs – and you’ll never be left out of the loop on your projects!

Learn how to keep a watchful eye on your jobsites and employees, and get instant access to the information you need at all hours of the day with TrueLook’s mobile app.