TrueLook Introduces Strobes and Sirens for Unparalleled Jobsite Security

Winston-Salem, NC, July 11, 2023 – TrueLook Construction Cameras, a leading provider of jobsite security solutions, announces the launch of its latest product offering: strobes and sirens. This addition to the TrueLook product line sets a new standard in jobsite security, providing customers with unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Strobes and sirens seamlessly integrate with TrueLook’s professional monitoring service, Jobsite Surveillance. In the event of a threat detected and verified by TrueLook’s five-diamond, UL-listed monitoring center, the strobes and sirens are instantly activated, creating a visual and auditory display of flashing lights and booming sound that delivers a clear message to potential intruders: your jobsite is safeguarded. This dynamic add-on serves as a robust deterrent, effectively preventing incidents before they have a chance to occur.

These advanced security features are available as optional add-ons to complement TrueLook’s Intelligent Security, which is included as a standard feature with every camera. 

Roger Yarrow, TrueLook’s COO, expressed enthusiasm about the new product, stating, “The launch of strobes and sirens marks an exciting progression in our Jobsite Surveillance capabilities, further emphasizing our commitment to total jobsite visibility and protection. By incorporating these proactive deterrents into our solution, we can address potential threats before they even occur, thus ensuring security and peace of mind for our customers.”

With the introduction of strobes and sirens, TrueLook empowers customers to experience the highest level of protection for their valuable assets on the jobsite. The combination of 24/7 recording, AI-powered motion detection, professional monitoring, and now, audio-visual deterrents effectively halt criminals in their tracks before they can cause any damage.

TrueLook remains at the forefront of revolutionizing jobsite security, and the launch of strobes and sirens underscores the company’s commitment to providing solutions that safeguard valuable assets and promote peace of mind.

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About TrueLook Construction Cameras:

TrueLook is a pioneering technology company revolutionizing the way construction projects are secured and managed. Their turnkey camera systems and intuitive platform, provide a comprehensive jobsite visibility solution that empowers construction professionals to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and enhance collaboration. Their cutting-edge features, including live streaming, time-lapse creation, and Intelligent Security, offer unparalleled transparency and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.

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Erin Clark

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