Ultra HD 4K
Indoor Construction Cameras

Heavy-duty features in a smaller package, built especially for indoor projects.

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Configured For Jobsite Interiors

Indoor construction cameras are smaller and lighter than outdoor all-weather cameras. This also makes them easier to mount or move. The ultra-hd 4k camera resolution with 109° horizontal field-of view is perfect for capturing high quality images and video from jobsite interiors.

These cameras can be set up to use cellular connectivity or a wired internet connection, depending on what will work best for your location.

Images Captured By Indoor Cameras

Indoor Cameras Include:

  • Ultra HD camera
  • Wall mount
  • Turnkey installation – just plug it in
  • Cellular 4G LTE or Ethernet configuration (includes PoE injector)
  • Unlimited USA support

Camera Specs:

  • Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Horizontal field-of-view up to 109°
  • Operational temperature: -22°F to 122°F
  • Number of simultaneous users: virtually unlimited
  • Number of simultaneous time-lapses: virtually unlimited


  • View your live jobsite from anywhere
  • Create unlimited, customizable time-lapses
  • 24/7 HD security recording
  • Save images to photo albums with notes
  • Save photos locally to your computer
  • View live & historical weather conditions
  • Cloud storage of images and videos – free forever
  • And more…