Indoor Construction Camera

Ultra HD 4K
Indoor Construction Cameras

Heavy-duty features in a smaller package, built especially for indoor projects.

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Configured For Jobsite Interiors

Indoor construction cameras are smaller and lighter than outdoor all-weather cameras. This also makes them easier to mount or move. The ultra-hd 4k camera resolution with 109° horizontal field-of view is perfect for capturing high quality images and video from jobsite interiors.

These cameras can be set up to use cellular connectivity or a wired internet connection, depending on what will work best for your location.

Indoor Camera Diagram
Image of an indoor warehouse using TrueLook's indoor cameras and its features

Images Captured By Indoor Cameras

Indoor Cameras Include:

  • Ultra HD camera
  • Wall mount
  • Turnkey installation – just plug it in
  • Cellular 4G LTE or Ethernet configuration (includes PoE injector)
  • Unlimited USA support

Camera Specs:

  • Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Horizontal field-of-view up to 109°
  • Operational temperature: -22°F to 122°F
  • Number of simultaneous users: virtually unlimited
  • Number of simultaneous time-lapses: virtually unlimited


  • View your live jobsite from anywhere
  • Create unlimited, customizable time-lapses
  • 24/7 HD security recording
  • Save images to photo albums with notes
  • Save photos locally to your computer
  • View live & historical weather conditions
  • Cloud storage of images and videos – free forever
  • And more…

New! Rugged Hard Cases

All indoor cameras ship inside rugged hard cases that will help protect your camera between projects. They are watertight and crushproof, so your camera stays safe during storage or moving. We will cut the foam to fit your camera equipment.