Mobile Camera Trailers

Easy to Move. Ready for Use. Sustainably Powered.

TrueLook’s Mobile Camera Trailers are the go-to solution for jobsites that are remote or have mounting difficulties. With a solar-powered trailer, you have all the power, connectivity, and mounting infrastructure needed to achieve your documentation goals.

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Adaptable Mounting Solution for Lease or Purchase

Capture the shot you want by easily maneuvering the trailer around your jobsite. When it’s time for the next project or angle, simply take it to its new destination.

Whether you decide to lease or purchase a mobile camera trailer, you will still have access to all of TrueLook’s platform features.

Eco-Friendly Power Delivered to Your Doorstep

Mobile camera trailers feature cutting-edge solar panels with a reliable battery backup system for an uninterrupted camera feed. Receive a ready-to-use mobile camera trailer on your jobsite with hassle-free delivery.

Intuitive Installation for Quick Setup

Whether you choose to install your trailer on your own or utilize our Professional Installation services, TrueLook is dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible.

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Built with Jobsites in Mind

  1. High-quality steel and high-density polyethylene coatings for corrosion resistance
  2. Fully adjustable solar panels to ensure maximum charging efficiency
  3. Steel cables with rollers for mast and camera stability
  4. Eight wet cell deep cycle lead-acid batteries provide long-lasting backup power
  5. Cabling enclosed in a steel-braided jacket for protection

Trailer Package Includes

Trailer with telescoping mast up to 30’

TrueLook Camera with live viewing, time-lapsing, and 24/7 Intelligent Security

Unlimited users, media storage, and data

Optional Jobsite Surveillance add-ons, including strobes and sirens

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Compatible Cameras

Our mobile camera trailers are compatible with a variety of cameras, all suitable for the jobsite.
Fixed 4K IR
Field of View
108° Horizontal
Infrared (IR) Range

Available for Lease
1080p IR PTZ
Field of View
360° Pan
Infrared (IR) Range

Available for Lease

No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

TrueLook Cameras offer the most comprehensive feature set for the jobsite, giving you the features you need to keep your projects on track, without the added hassle.

4G LTE Included | No Contract Service Plans | No Limits on Users | Free-Forever Media Storage | No Data Limits | Lifetime Camera Warranty | 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Every TrueLook
Camera includes:

Remote Live Viewing

Custom Time-Lapsing

Intelligent Security

Unlimited USA Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Both fixed-position and PTZ cameras can be put on mobile camera trailers.

Yes, TrueLook Mobile Camera Trailers are available for either lease or purchase.

Yes, strobes and sirens are available on mobile camera trailers.

TrueLook offers mobile camera trailers with telescoping masts up to 30’.

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No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

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