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Mobile Camera Trailers

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TrueLooks Mobile Trailer Cameras

Solar-Powered Mobile Camera Trailers

TrueLook’s mobile trailer cameras are a wireless solution for unique jobsite situations and DOT projects. The camera is solar-powered and allows for time-lapse, 24/7 security recording and live streaming.

Available for rental, the trailers are lightweight and easy to maneuver. If you require a highly mobile camera, or do not have easy access to a camera mounting location, then our mobile trailer cameras are right for you. The unit arrives activated and ready to use; mount the camera, raise the mast and you’re up and running.

Trailer Features:

  • 18′ telescoping mast
  • Battery backup provides continuous power
  • Highly mobile and easy to maneuver
  • Delivered nation-wide, directly to your jobsite

Camera Features:

  • HD 1080p PTZ Camera
  • 360° rotation with 30x optical zoom
  • Built-in infrared
  • Create 360° panoramas

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