TrueLook is the Only Camera that Includes:

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Live Images & Streaming Video

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Unlimited Custom Time-Lapses

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Intelligent Security

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All for the Same Service Fee, Without Any Service Contracts.

Accessibility Features

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Intuitive Interface

Our interface is designed to be completely user-friendly. Give our demo cameras a test drive, or hop on a call with our sales team for a personalized walk-through.

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Built-In 4G LTe

TrueLook cameras come with built-in 4G LTE modems and use the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network, providing the optimal data speed for high-res images.

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FREE 24/7 Support

Your time is important to us. Our industry-praised support team offers quick assistance for any issues you may have, direct from our North Carolina office.

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Log in to TrueLook from any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. TrueLook works just like any other website with NO software to install.

Image Features & Tools

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Overlay Comparison

Compare any two images from a time-lapse. Easily see how your project has progressed over time. Click and drag a slider to control the comparison.

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360° Panoramas

Robotic PTZ cameras can create panoramic images up to 250 megapixels in size. Define the area and time-lapse large jobsites with one camera.

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Slideshow Mode

Share a slideshow of images and videos from your project. Place slideshows on your website or share as a link with team members.

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Image Markup

Add drawings or text directly to any image. Highlight areas or add text labels to specific locations. Save to your photo album and share with team members.

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Photo Albums & Notes

Any image in TrueLook can be stored into photo albums with attached notes. This is a great way to document your project through photos or share notes with colleagues.

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Share & Collaborate

Save images and notes to a hosted photo album. Email an image to a colleague with a custom message. Download an image or share it on social media. Markup or add text to any image.

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Mobile Uploads

Capture details up-close with your phone or tablet, then store them to TrueLook’s dedicated uploads photo album. Notate and share photos, or simply catalog them for later reference.

Admin Tools

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Privacy Controls

Your project can be fully private, public, or anything in between. Create new users, restrict access to certain tools, or share direct links with no login required.

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Email Auto Updates

Choose which day/days of the week you wish to receive updates and TrueLook will directly send you the latest image and camera data to you or any team member.

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Embed on Your Website

Seamlessly showcase your project through your own web traffic. Visitors can watch projects come together, and spread the word with built in sharing tools.

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Map & Weather Data

Via an interactive map, your camera gives you live weather conditions, 5-day forecast, and a log of weather history. Customize a description, add logo and links to engage your camera visitors.

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Admin Tools

As the camera owner, you may schedule & edit time-lapses, moderate photo albums, define PTZ presets, control user access, create direct sharing links, or schedule auto-email updates.

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Viewer Analytics

TrueLook provides users with analytics on camera usage. See how often the camera is being used, when images are being served to viewers, and how often members are accessing the interface.


Monitored Security

This optional service combines our Intelligent Motion Alerts with a live monitoring agent who will verify threats in real-time and contact authorities when necessary. This added service reduces the likelihood of false alarms and ensures a prompt response to jobsite intrusions.