Procore Integrations

Real-Time Jobsite Visibility Directly within Procore

TrueLook + Procore

Simplify and streamline project management and jobsite tracking with TrueLook and Procore. Easy access to your construction data and imagery via one application makes it simple and efficient to document, access, and review your project’s progress.

Rapid access to jobsite photos and videos

Why Partner?

View your jobsites live without leaving Procore.

Share selected photos from TrueLook to Procore.

Set up time-lapse photos and photo albums to be automatically shared.

Create and assign RFIs from within TrueLook and send them through to Procore.

"Using TrueLook’s embedded integration with Procore, I saw increased engagement with TrueLook on day one. I was on a remote work session with my VP of Operations, and his ability to launch TrueLook within Procore got the conversation flowing quickly."

Timothy Lewis

Senior Project Manager,
Harper General Contractors

Frequently Asked Questions

Add TrueLook as a Procore Embedded Experience for live viewing and many other features.

TrueLook makes it easy to automatically push time-lapse images and videos into your Procore account.

Simply add TrueLook like you would with any other Procore Embedded Experience. To share time-lapses and images to Procore, authorize the connection in your TrueLook account.

Need Help Connecting TrueLook and Procore?

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