Jobsite Surveillance

Detect and Protect

Combine Intelligent Security with our professional monitoring service for trusted jobsite protection. Our monitoring center is UL Listed and Five Diamond Certified, giving you powerful peace of mind.

How Jobsite Surveillance Protects Your Jobsite

Utilizing our Intelligent Motion Alerts, you select the areas and hours you want eyes on your jobsite. Typically, these hours are when no one should be on your jobsite. You can also choose to include or exclude certain areas of your jobsite.

If motion is detected in your selected zones during monitored hours, a video clip of the motion will be sent to a trained monitoring professional. It is then immediately reviewed to determine the validity and level of threat.

If the threat is verified, the monitoring professional will reach out to your primary contact to verify a legitimate security threat is occurring.

Your contact can then choose to request emergency services or dismiss the alert. If emergency services are requested, the monitoring professional will alert the nearest responders with a description of the threat in progress.

The National Equipment Register estimates that jobsite theft costs the industry upwards of $1 billion every year.

Protect your jobsite with TrueLook before it becomes a target.

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Compatible Camera Models

Not sure which camera is best suited for your jobsite? Let our experts provide you with customized recommendations based on your site plan.
Fixed 4K IR
Focal Length
6.2 – 12.9mm
Hor. Field of View
Vert. Field of View
Infrared (IR) Range

Available for Lease

1080p IR PTZ
Focal Length
4.3 – 137.6mm
Hor. Field of View
58.3 – 2.4°
Vert. Field of View
34.9 – 1.3°
Infrared (IR) Range

Available for Lease

Optional Security Add-Ons

Strobes and Sirens

Scare off intruders before they can do damage with TrueLook’s Strobes and Sirens. These add-on audiovisual deterrents work with Jobsite Surveillance to deploy bright, flashing lights and booming sirens when threats have been verified.

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Fence Signs

Add another visual deterrent with signs notifying potential intruders that your jobsite is equipped with 24/7 monitoring. These weather-resistant signs can be placed at entry and exit points, as well as any other areas of concern.

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No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

TrueLook Cameras offer the most comprehensive feature set for the jobsite, giving you the features you need to keep your projects on track, without the added hassle.

4G LTE Included | No Contract Service Plans | No Limits on Users | Free-Forever Media Storage | No Data Limits | Lifetime Camera Warranty | 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Every TrueLook
Camera includes:

Remote Live Viewing

Custom Time-Lapsing

Intelligent Security

Unlimited USA Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Jobsite Surveillance is only available on our Fixed 4K IR and 1080p IR PTZ cameras.

Jobsite Surveillance is an optional service that can be added to your Intelligent Security solution. There is a monthly service fee that will be added to your subscription upon purchase.

Our monitoring center is UL Listed and Five Diamond Certified. Out of more than 3,700 monitoring centers in North America, only 5% of them meet these certification standards.

Reach out to your account manager, and they will get back to you with a price quote and additional information on how to complete your Jobsite Surveillance set up. It only takes a few steps to configure and activate within the TrueLook application.

When you have Jobsite Surveillance on a PTZ camera, you are able to configure restriction controls to not allow this. This ensures that the camera will remain fixed at its security default position during specified monitoring hours.

Whether your strobes and sirens model has a Fixed 4K IR or 1080p IR PTZ camera, the battery backup will keep your system running for a minimum of 5 days on a full charge.

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No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

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