Live Jobsite Viewing


Manage Your Jobsite Remotely

With TrueLook Cameras, You’re Never Far From Your Jobsite.

Simply login to the TrueLook application from any internet connected device to view your project live anytime, anywhere and quickly share updates with your team. Check in on subcontractors, construction deliveries, weather conditions, and more.

Give full or limited camera access to clients, team members, or investors, allowing them to keep up with your project progress. You can also schedule automated emails with image updates.




side-by-side view of two construction sites

HIGH-Res Images

TrueLook Presents Your Live Camera with Large, Crisp Images.

All camera images are captured as high-resolution images, which allow for a greater capture of detail, better digital zooming, cropping and even printing, if desired. Or quickly download your images directly from the application, add your watermark company logo and share with your team.

indoor view of forklifts in a warehouse viewed on a tablet


Jump to Any Camera with Our Multi-Project Dashboard.

Easily access any of your current or past jobs, at any time, directly from your dashboard. All project data along with image and videos are saved indefinitely as part of TrueLook’s Free Forever Cloud Storage.




live jobsite dashboard ipad

Truelook Exclusive

Unlimited Streaming Video

TrueLook includes live streaming video at no additional cost for all customers. And unlike others, our multicast stream will deliver video to any number of simultaneous viewers.

As always, TrueLook provides all customers with unlimited users, which means that you can share camera access with team members, stakeholders or even the general public, by way of an embedded link on your website. Watch streaming video of your jobsite in real-time with high quality video and a silky smooth frame rate.





Safety & Compliance

Live Monitoring

The cost of noncompliance can be steep. Being able to quickly log on and see, in real time, what is happening on your jobsite can be a huge opportunity for savings. Safety spot checks can be performed remotely and frequently, either by the project manager or a safety & compliance officer.

Not only do construction cameras help reduce the chance of non-compliance in the first place, they make audits easier by keeping a watchful eye on jobsite activity and providing visual proof that a firm and its workers are complying with policies, procedures and new and existing regulations. If documentation is needed, images are easily captured and users can always reference the time-lapse photos for documentation as well.





You have full control over who can see your construction camera. Manage user accounts or simply share URLs to your camera – each with their own levels of access.


Quickly save or share project updates directly from the camera interface. Send photos or time-lapses via email, to social media, or into photo albums – right from the app.


Our cameras include 4G LTE modems, and automatically connect to the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE service. This lets your camera deliver media up to 10x the speed of 3G.


We have the simplest construction camera install in the industry. Just plug in your camera to a power source and you are live streaming online in no time.