Wireless Construction Cameras

A Complete Wireless Camera Solution For Your Jobsite

TrueLook’s wireless construction camera systems eliminate the need for WIFI or power on the jobsite. Every camera includes free unlimited data connectivity over the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network and there is no setup required. Just power the camera on and it will automatically connect to the network. When your project is complete, simply stop service and then reactivate it when you’re ready for your next project – our no-contract service plans make it easy!



With TrueLook, You’re Never Far from Your Jobsite

Remotely log on from any internet-connected device, to see your construction site streaming live in HD 1080p video. Viewing live video allows users to easily coordinate deliveries, check in on crews, connect with other remote team members, check in on construction site security and more, keeping users connected to their sites, even when they can’t be there in person.



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Construction Time-Lapse

Time-Lapse Videos Updated Daily

Time-lapse video provides powerful visuals to show project progress and support sales and marketing efforts. Few things are more impactful when it comes to showcasing your firm’s capabilities than being able to watch a construction project as it unfolds. Time-lapse videos capture the project’s progress over time and then condense the action into a face-paced and engaging video. What’s more, teams can set up as many time-lapses as they need throughout the project.



Intelligent Security

Advanced Jobsite Security with Motion Alerts

Jobsite security, always a concern to construction teams, is taken up a notch with 24/7 video recording in HD 1080p (a much higher resolution than your typical security cameras). Continuous recording, along with motion alerts, keeps you informed of what’s happening on your construction site. Motion alerts are customizable and can be received via text and/or email.




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More Ways to Capture and Share Jobsite Action

fixed wireless camera wireless ptz camera wireless indoor camera

Fixed cameras maintain one constant viewing position throughout the project and utilize a digital zoom. They are available in 5mp, 12mp and 20mp resolutions.


  • Wide field of views up to 115˚
  • Higher resolution still images than their PTZ counterparts
  • Will never move position for increased jobsite security
  • Maintains its position with no moving parts for a solution with lower complexity

Pan Tilt Zoom, or “PTZ” cameras are robotic, and can be moved remotely from the system interface. The camera can pan 360°, allowing you to explore a large construction site that would not be visible from a fixed position field-of-view.


  • Robotic movement for 360˚ remote viewing of your entire construction site
  • Up to 32X optical zoom, for extreme zooming with no loss of resolution 
  • 360˚ panoramic images and time-lapse video of your jobsite 
  • Preset controls to store camera coordinates 

With all the same great features as the outdoor camera systems, TrueLook’s indoor cameras are smaller and lighter, making them easier to move as interior configurations change. 


  • Wide 109˚ field of view 
  • Can be configured to operate over cellular network OR power over ethernet 
  • Easily mounted to a wall or pole 
  • Comes with a rugged hard case for easy transportation

Built-in IR for Exceptional Image Quality, Day or Night.

Built-in IR is available on both fixed and PTZ construction camera models, which allows users to stay connected to their jobsites 24/7. Available on the 4K IR and the 1080p IR PTZ models, these camera systems capture incredibly sharp images in any lighting condition, up to 250 meters away, making video surveillance at night possible – even in total darkness.

Easy Installation Process

TrueLook’s turnkey wireless camera systems come pre-configured to automatically connect over a 4G LTE network and are easy enough to quickly be installed by anyone on the jobsite. TrueLook also offers installation services for those wishing to simplify the process. Whichever route you take, TrueLook will make the process as seamless as possible.

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All-In-One Wireless Solution for Your Construction Sites

If increased efficiency and construction site security are top of mind for your projects, let TrueLook show you how you can gain total jobsite visibility through the use of our wireless solutions.

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Rugged Hard Cases

We now offer rugged hard cases that will help protect your camera between projects. They are watertight and crushproof, so your camera stays safe during storage or moving. We ship your camera inside the case, with the foam already cut to fit your camera model.

hard camera case