TrueLook Camera User

Live Images & Streaming Video

Unlike other popular camera systems, TrueLook cameras are truly LIVE. Our HD photos fill your screen with crisp, details. And we are the ONLY  camera provider in our class to include live streaming video.  Learn more about live jobsite viewing.

Time Lapse Camera

Custom Time-Lapses

Create any number of custom time-lapses with your camera. You can watch or download your time-lapse videos anytime, even mid-project. The time-lapse images can also be browsed by date and time, letting you effectively travel back in time to any point in your project. Learn more about construction time-lapse cameras.


HD Security Recording

All TrueLook cameras include security recording. The camera automatically records HD 720p video 24/7 at your jobsite. Your security recordings can be watched over the cloud anytime, directly from our web interface. Learn more about construction security cameras.


Built-In 4G LTE

TrueLook cameras come with built-in 4G LTE modems and use the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network. This gives your camera data speeds up to 10x the speed of 3G. Because the camera works with high resolution images, data speed is critical to a responsive experience.

User Friendly Software

TrueLook is designed to be completely user-friendly and intuitive to use. Give our demo cameras a test drive, or hop on a call with our sales team for a personalized walk-through of our interface.


Turnkey Install

We have the easiest install in the industry. Once you connect power, the camera comes online automatically. It couldn’t be simpler.


Free 24/7 Support

Time is money. Our industry-praised support team offers quick assistance for any issues you may have, direct from our North Carolina office.

Mobile Friendly

Log in to TrueLook from any sized device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. TrueLook works just like any other website with NO plugins or software to install.


Privacy Controls

You have full control over who can see your camera. You can create new users and restrict which features they can access. Or simply share a direct link to your camera interface that does not require login credentials. Your project can be fully private, fully public, or anything in between.

image compare

"Overlay" Image Compare

Compare any two images from a time-lapse. Easily see how your project has progressed over time. Click and drag a slider to control the comparison.

quad-view image compare

"Quad-View" Image Compare

Compare four historical images in a quad-view. Quickly see how your jobsite has changed by hour, day, week, or month.


Email Auto-Updates

Optionally, you and/or any team members can receive project updates directly to your email inbox. Choose which day (or days) of the week you wish to receive your email, and TrueLook will send you the latest image and summary data from your camera.


Mobile Uploads

Capture work details up close with your phone or tablet camera, then store them to TrueLook’s photo album. Notate and/or share these photos, or simply catalog them for later reference. These uploaded images are kept separate from your TrueLook camera photos, keeping your photo documentation organized.

Image Markup

Image Markup

Add drawings or text directly to any image with TrueLook’s markup feature. Highlight areas of interest or add text labels to specific locations. The markup can be saved to your photo album and shared with team members.


Share & Collaborate

Your camera images can be quickly saved or shared with our built-in tools.  Save images and notes to a hosted photo album. Email an image to a colleague with a custom message. Download an image or share it on social media. Add mark-up to an image with drawing and text tools.


Embed On Your Website

If you want to showcase your project with your own web traffic, you may embed the TrueLook interface directly into your website. This version of the interface is designed to fit seamlessly into your website, anywhere you want to place it. Your visitors can see your project come together, and can help spread the word with built-in sharing tools.


Map & Weather Data

Your camera gives you live weather conditions from your jobsite, as well as a 5 day forecast. You can even go back in time to see past weather conditions from any day and time. TrueLook also includes an interactive map of the camera location and a customizable description of your project. If sharing your camera, this lets others see your logo, project description, and even visit any links you wish to add.


Admin Tools

The camera owner has access to a variety of special tools that other users do not. Schedule or edit time-lapses, moderate photo albums, define PTZ camera presets, control user access, create direct sharing links, or schedule automated email updates.


Photo Albums With Notes

Any image in TrueLook can be stored into a photo album, with attached notes. This is a great way to document your project through photos or share notes with colleagues. The photo album keeps all your team’s saved images and notes in one place.


Slideshow Mode

Share a slideshow of images and videos from your project. This can be placed on your website or shared as a link.


Viewer Analytics

Users with sufficient privileges can view analytics on camera usage. See how often the camera is being used and how many images are being served to viewers. This information can be useful if you’re sharing your camera with the public, or if you want to see how often your team is accessing the interface.

PTZ construction panorama

360° Panoramas

PTZ (Robotic) cameras can create panoramic images up to 50 megapixels in size. Panoramas let you time-lapse large jobsites with one camera. You can define the area for the panorama – up to 350° around the camera.